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Rendu 3D d'une caravane pendant l'Alpha-1 par Adam Will.[1]
Les Caravans facilitent le transfert de produits pour les joueurs souhaitant faire un profit.[2]

Le système de caravane est un système de JcJ en monde ouvert qui tourne autour de l'opportunité et du risque. Les Caravans facilitent le transfert de produits pour les joueurs souhaitant faire un profit.[2]

  • Les caravanes ne peuvent partir et arriver que depuis un Nœud à l'étape de village ou au-dessus.[5]
  • Les caravanes peuvent transporter des produits pour plus d'un joueur.[6]

Types de caravanes

Il existe différents types de Caravans dans Ashes of Creation.[9][10]

Le système de caravane est un autre point important du système de nœud. Elles sont l'une des activités économiques principales et il existe plein de différents types de caravanes.[10]Jeffrey Bard

Mayoral caravans

Mayoral caravans are launched by Maires.[10]

Quest driven caravans

Quest driven caravans are used for trade routes between nodes. These caravans are system driven.[9]

  • These are initiated by players with a diverse choice of routes and launch windows, making them difficult to zerg.[11]
  • Initiating a caravan from one node to another will create a PvP objective that players will need to defend while it moves along its chosen route to the selected destination.[2]
  • Node-based caravan stats and capabilities scale with their node's advancement.
  • Roads will upgrade as nodes advance. Different roads will dictate the speed and type of caravan required (off road vs on road).[12]

The caravan system is designed to be initiated by the player. Which means, information of the caravans launch time and route, should be a closely guarded secret. Routes will also be diverse, and the world is large, so it might behoove you to scout the route ahead before a launch. Fast travel in our game is also limited, which means unless the guild had knowledge of your plans before hand, it is likely that they will be unable to organize and travel to a location. As far as mass guilds securing trade routes, there is always a bigger fish in the pond. Also caravans will have limitations on carrying capacity and launch windows that will segment mulitiple caravans by several minutes, which would space out the caravans, making it difficult to "zerg" a defense.[11]Steven Sharif

Personal caravans

Personal (Self-directed/player driven) caravans are initiated by the player, who essentially "becomes the caravan". These are land-based and water-based (naval caravans) that the player drives and directs.[13][9]

  • These are currently designed for a single driver.[14]
  • Personal caravans can be launched from any point of storage.[15]
  • Personal caravans are capable of transitioning to/from naval caravans.[13][16]
  • Personal caravans will come in varying sizes and capacities.[13]
  • By default player caravans will have a racial appearance that influences the types of animals that are moving the caravan.[13]

Naval caravans

Alpha-1 Niküa naval caravan Rendu 3D.[17]

Caravans are capable of transitioning from land to naval caravans. So if you start out as a land-based Caravan and you move to the coast and you want to move into the water there's gonna be a little transition period there; it's gonna be a little construction kind of site: You're not gonna have to do anything it's just gonna be a timer right so that you can't quickly move between land and water. It's gonna be probably in the matter of you know a minute to two minutes. There's a little bit of vulnerability in that regard.[13]Steven Sharif

Naval caravans (Trade ships) are part of Ashes of Creation naval content.[18] Naval caravans allow the transportation of trading goods.[16]


Hijacking ships

Certain ships can be hijacked. Naval caravans can not be hijacked. The cargo on a trade ship will be similar to caravans in that the ship must be destroyed in order to capture the loot from its wreckage.[20]

Caravan inventory

Les limites d'inventaire personnel[22][23] sont liées à un sac à dos.[24] Les ressources et les objets récoltables sont soumis à des limites de quantité, plutôt que de poids. Les caravanes et les mulets sont prévus pour être le principal moyen de transport des marchandises au-delà de ces limites.[25][26]

  • Les mulets peuvent porter approximativement 10 fois plus que les sacs à dos. Les caravanes peuvent transporter environ 10 fois plus que les mulets.[27]
  • Les caravanes auront des limites de capacité de transport ainsi que des stats personnalisables, telles que les points de défense, la vitesse et le nombre de gardes PNJs engagés.[28]
    • En plus d'une capacité d'inventaire étendue, les caravanes procurent des avantages secondaires pour avoir terminé avec succès des routes commerciales et d'autres quêtes.[29]

La capacité d'inventaire sera relativement limitée pour les nouveaux personnages.[29]

  • L'expansion d'inventaire et les certificats d'entraînement à la gestion du poids sont disponibles dans la Galerie à l'étape Ville des noeuds économiques.[29][30]
  • L'inventaire d'un joueur possède des sections pour les différents types d'objets. Les objets de quête, par exemple, ne rempliront pas la capacité d'inventaire standard d'un joueur.[29]

Les piles d'objets auront en général des limites de quantité selon le type d'objet.[25]

  • La limite d'empilement des potions pourrait être d'une centaine. La limite d'empilement de la nourriture pourrait être de 999 ou 1 000.[25]

Caravan components

Certificates to create a caravan are issued by certain PNJs within nodes or at certain points of interest in the world. These certificates are comprised of multiple components:[31]

Caravan components obtained from crafters will have stats according to the skill of each artisan.[31]

Initiating caravans

Quest driven caravan initiation

Players can initiate quest driven caravans (via a NPC) with the following parameters.[34]

When you initiate a caravan you're going to be able to determine the resources of the caravan is going to have in it. You're going to be able to determine whether or not this caravan has been initiated for a specific quest in a nearby node. You're going to be able to deliver goods for trade or to just warehouse in a new region, so that you have access to that local market.[34]Steven Sharif

Caravans may not be initiated from warehouses during a siege declaration on that node.[35][36][37]

When you're in a nearby node that you need to drive caravan to... you're going to have an option from the NPC within a nearby node to dictate the caravan launch as a recipient of the temple yeah.[34]Steven Sharif

Personal caravan initiation

Personal caravans can be launched from any point of storage.[15]

Naval caravan initiation

Naval caravans are capable of transitioning to and from land caravans at the point of intersection of land and ocean.[19][13][16]

  • There will be a delay of one or two minutes while the caravan transitions while a conversion structure spawns. This introduces a small window of vulnerability.[19][13]
  • The conversion structure does not benefit from damage mitigation points of land or naval caravans, so it's a very weak position to be in.[38]

At the point in which your character or model intersects with an ocean it will spawn a conversion mesh or a conversion structure; and there will be a period of time, up to several minutes depending on the capacity of the caravan with the resources and/or materials that is necessary for the conversion to take place; and then the naval caravan will be available; and you can intersect that line again with land to try to convert back to a land-based caravan[19]Steven Sharif

Routes commerciales

Mayoral caravan launched by a mayor to establish a trade route with another node.[10]

Routes commerciales in Ashes of Creation refer to.

From a diplomatic standpoint the ability for the mayor or citizens to set up NPC routed trade routes between nodes as a trade agreement or as a diplomatic process.[39]Steven Sharif
For example: this node over here might have access to cotton as a resource and when that node processes that cotton it might be some very nice type of linen that only that node, or very rarely nodes would have access to. So when you initiate a trade route, you're bringing its supplies that the mayor has requested because they're trying to build, let's say a specific type of service building, or they're trying to unlock a blueprint that they have access to now to build up their node.[39]Steven Sharif


Alpha-1 early preview roading.[42]

Our road system in-game is essentially driven by pre-placed routes that lead to this main artery of what was once the ancient highway system of Verra; and from there there are roads that become exposed when nodes advance; and we call those veins. They come off the main artery and then as nodes advance there are points of interest as Jeff was discussing earlier. These POIs that exist around the world and some of them share coverage with multiple nodes, but depending on which node advances to the stage that activates the point of interest it'll create these capillary roads so to speak that then stem off of the node itself. So you go from the main artery ancient road that's large- that kind of runs through different zones and whatnot- and that breaks down into the veins that lead to the specific encampments and villages and towns that then spawn off separate capillaries that lead to the points of interest in these areas that are hunting grounds. Those are not exposed initially and they come online as players advance the world.[43]Steven Sharif

Roads in Verra are both pre-generated and player influenced.[43]

  • The largest roads are referred to as arteries. These are remnants of what was once the ancient highway system of Verra.[43]
  • As nodes advance smaller roads, referred to as veins, connect the arteries to the nodes.[43]
    • Roads will upgrade as nodes advance. Different roads will dictate the speed and type of caravan required (off road vs on road).[12]
  • Depending on the stages of node advancement, capillary roads will stem off the node to connect to points of interest.[43]
  • Roads or pathways are not worn into the landscape by repeated traffic over the same area.[43]

Different seasons and events may affect access to various roads.[44][45][46]

  • Pathways that are open during summer may be closed during winter.[46]
  • Seasonal affects may cause obstacles or blockages to the transit of goods via caravan.[44][45][47]
    • Some events may cause specific roadways to be blocked off.[44]
    • Obstacles may present barriers on roads that players must remove to allow transit of goods.[46]
  • Water turning to ice in winter, enabling players to walk over the water but blocking access to what is underneath.[46]
    • Ice will make roads bumpy and slippery.[48]

Underrealm routes will open or close dynamically (based on node states).[49]

Propriété privée may not be placed in close proximity to roads.[50]

Caravane JcJ

Les Caravans créent une zone de JcJ ouverte qui marque les joueurs pour le combat (violet).[52]

  • Les joueurs auront la possibilité de déclarer leurs intentions d'attaquer, défendre ou d'ignorer grâce à une Interface utilisateur.[53][54]
  • Un groupe devra attaquer une caravane avec succès.[4][28]
  • Une caravane persistera dans le monde pendant une période de 5 à 10 minutes si son propriétaire se déconnecte ou s'il est déconnecté du serveur.[55]

Mercenaires PNJs

Mercenaires PNJs can be hired to participate in objective-based situations.[56][57][58]

  • Maires are able to allocate treasury funding to hire mercenary NPCs to defend their node during sieges.[57]
  • Players can assign these NPCs, but won't micromanage them, in a similar manner to pets.[58]
  • NPC mercanaries can also be hired to participate in castle sieges.[56][56]
    • Mercenaries of different types and strengths may be available to defend caravans during these events based on the allocation made by the governing castle and how successful they have been defending their castle nodes.[59][56]
    • These mechanics are subject to change based on testing and priorities.[59]

There are mercenary NPCs that can be assigned to players. We've discussed about that before and those will follow generically... a kind of pet system even you know adopted majority of the pet system with the added bonus of kind of objective based points of interest that you can assign them to. But we don't want to inundate the field with these mercenaries they'll be kind of few and far between. They'll be assigned specifically like let's say for example you know as the mayor of a node during a siege you'll be able to assign these two specific players that are citizens within your node and then they'll have those they'll spawn during the during the node siege; or vice versa and the castle siege you know guild leaders can assign mercenaries that are available based on the progress of those subsidiary nodes around the castle siege whether or not you have those available to your defense or your attack.[58]Steven Sharif

PvP seasons

Performance in various JcJ systems (such as Caravans, Arènes, Guerres de guilde) is measured over the course of 6 month PvP seasons. At the end of each season, a player's cumulative score may unlock various rewards.[60][61]

Gear enhancement rewards

Des améliorations d'équipement (pierres de puissance / runes) peuvent être appliquées aux armes pour ajouter des types de dégâts élémentaires ou énergétiques.[62][63]

Nous allons très probablement avoir un système de runes et ensuite nous aurons la possibilité d'enchanter des armes en dehors de cela aussi... Ce ne sera pas toujours comme une progression verticale... Une partie demandera d’abandonner quelque chose pour obtenir autre chose ; alors peut-être que je fais moins de dégâts physiques mais plus de dégâts magiques, ce genre de chose.[63]Jeffrey Bard

Ce n'est pas comme si vous alliez nécessairement les acquérir une fois et ensuite vous êtes prêt pour vos enchantements PvP, mais au lieu de cela, vous devrez continuellement performer mois après mois afin de continuer à avoir ces enchantements.[61]

Destruction de caravane

Si une caravane est détruite (devient une épave) elle fera tomber une partie des Produits qu'elle transportait.[4][66][67]

  • Des composants de caravane peuvent également être ramassés lorsqu'une caravane est détruite. Ces composants peuvent être récupérés par le propriétaire de la caravane ou pas les autres joueurs, dans le cas où il s'agirait de composants de haute qualité.[68]
  • Les caravanes font tomber des certificats pour des articles lourds qui peuvent être échangés au Nœud d'origine contre une partie des articles.[69][67]

Une caravane devient une épave lorsqu'elle est détruite et cette épave devient un objet utilisable et les joueurs peuvent y récupérer des certificats à échanger contre une portion des articles à l'intérieur de la caravane. L'idée, ensuite, avec ces certificats est qu'ils doivent être ramenés au point d'origine, ou au moins une région à l'intérieur de ce point d'origine. Nous verrons à propos de cette dernière partie, car il existe quelques choses que j'aimerais tester dans l'Alpha d'un point de vue jouabilité. La raison étant que, ce qui pourrait se passer, si vous avez une sorte de collaboration à l'intérieur d'une guilde pour abuser du système. Hé ! Je vais suivre cette caravane jusqu'à la frontière de la zone et ensuite on la détruit tous, on ramasse tout et ont l'amène dans les entrepôts de cette région ; en évitant de parcourir tout le reste du chemin en l'escortant. Donc elle devra atteindre sa destination avec succès avant que les produits ne soient comptabilisés pour cette région.[67]Steven Sharif

Artisan supply chain

AshesOfCreation Screenshot 009.jpg

Les artisans dans Ashes of Creation doivent choisir une voie dans leur arbre de compétences d'artisanat. Cette interdépendance crée une chaîne d'approvisionnement allant des matières premières jusqu'au produit fini.[70][71] Chaque étape de la chaîne peut nécessiter des caravanes pour transporter les marchandises d'un artisan à l'autre.[72]

  1. Obtenir les matières premières :[73]
  2. Raffiner les matières premières grâce au métier de Traitement.[71]
  3. Fabriquer le produit fini en utilisant sa recette de fabrication.

En tant qu'artisan, vous allez vouloir savoir où certaines recettes peuvent être complétées ; quels nœuds ont la capacité de créer ce pour quoi vous avez transformé les ressources que vous avez récoltées ; et ensuite, vous allez vouloir planifier votre itinéraire afin d'y acheminer les marchandises ou faire en sorte de vous trouver dans une zone où vous pouvez à la fois collecter et fabriquer. Donc il y aura beaucoup de planification qui sera nécessaire.[76]Steven Sharif

Castle nodes

Should you be deft enough to take a Castle, you’ll now be responsible for managing it. Castles will have their own Nodes associated with them, and developing and defending those Nodes will determine the state of your Castle during the next siege. If you’ve done a good job managing your kingdom, then you’ll have more and better options available for deployment during the next siege. If you let your populace fall to ruin, you may have to rely solely on your own devices.[77]

Châteaux de guilde have three adjacent nodes in close proximity.[78][79]

Once the castle is owned by a guild that's when the supporting castle nodes start to come online and spawn each week prior to the fourth week castle siege. They'll have to form alliances, they'll have to get support, they'll have to get resources, they'll be able to allocate funds that have been collected through taxation in order to strengthen the defenses as well as hiring additional NPC mercenaries.[56]Steven Sharif

Castle nodes are leveled through questing by the owning guild or alliance guilds.[79]

  • Levelling castle nodes is a hastened process compared to regular nodes.[81]
  • At the end of each week leading up to a castle siege there is a period of time in the weekend where NPC generated caravans start moving toward one of the castle nodes carrying castle taxes from the nodes that fall under the castle's purview.[83][84]
    • During this time it is incumbent upon the owning guild, its allies, and citizens of the nodes to escort these caravans to the castle node.[83]
    • The enemies of the guild have incentive to attack these caravans to reap the rewards from the caravan and to sabotage the tax collection, which will reduce the defensive capability of the castle nodes and hence the castle itself.[83][79]
    • Citizens of nodes that fall under the purview of the castle are automatically registered as defenders of these caravans and may not participate in attacks against them.[83]
  • Completing these quests unlocks services and functions that are useful to the occupying guild and its allies as well as boosting the defenses the castle.[79]

If they fail to to level up those nodes or complete those quests within the three prior weeks before the declaration week, then the castle will be at a disadvantage.[79]Steven Sharif

Being a member of the occupying guild automatically makes you a garrison of the castle nodes and castle itself.[78]

  • Only members of the occupying guild are citizens of these nodes.[85]
  • This citizenship is different to normal node citizenship. Castle nodes don't operate like normal nodes.[85][80]

Caravan skins

Caravan skins ("Pimp my caravan") are available in the cash shop (cosmetic store).[86]

  • The skin changes the appearance of an in-game mount and in-game caravan that are hooked up to each other.[87][88]
  • The caravan and mount components of the skin are not able to be utilized separately.[87][88]
  • Building, ship, caravan and mount cosmetics require an in-game item to be obtained first to apply the cosmetic.[89][90]

You'll need your own creature and caravan hooked up to each other, and then the caravan cosmetic skin goes over all of them to make it look like what's pictured. you're not able to split out separately that caravan mount skin, hence why you'd want the separate mount skin if you wanted to ride it independently.[87]Sarah Flanagan

List of caravan skins


For every play, there should be a counterplay. We often see Castle Sieges turn into zerg-fests, which really doesn’t capture the epic, back-and-forth battles we wish to see in Ashes of Creation. One of our key pillars is that Choice Matters[91], and that applies to tactics and strategy as well. A well-formulated battle plan should win out over stat sheets and bodies. Zergs will generally be difficult to pull off, and will be eminently counterable through siege weapons, traps, and other battlefield tricks.[77]

Zergs are empowered by fast-travel. Meaningful travel times are intended to prevent zerg play from being so much of an influence.[92]

Encounters are designed to have meaning in terms of how boss skills and abilities relate to group compositions, tactics and strategies. Zerging is not experiencing content.[93] There are different ways to make a fight more difficult for larger sized groups without relying solely on stat buffs or making the boss a "damage sponge".[94]

  • Raid and dungeon bosses have specific mechanics and abilities that players need to learn and react to.[94] Zergs that are not aware of these mechanics or react to them appropriately will be wiped.[93]
  • There may be environmental hazards and AoE effects that cause more damage based on the number of players present.[94]
  • There is a give-and-take for guilds that want to see a larger number of members as opposed to a more focused group that may be a part of an alliance.[95]

We're very cognizant of the fact that we don't want to see zerging be a mechanic that's utilized by guilds to accomplish content or just to steamroll over sieges... There are specific mechanics that we are working on that will be seen through the testing phases that relate to a degree of understanding of certain systems that can't just be overrun with numbers.[95]Steven Sharif

Mechanics that encourage political intrigue will play a role in destabilizing zergs.[96]

The best way that I found in games I played previously to take down a zerg is to cause drama from within... It's that conflict inside of the politicking that happens in that big organization. If we provide opportunities for division to occur then it also provides stability to keep a server healthy away from that zerg mentality also... If we approach the castle siege and we've destroyed the walls and we're in the throne room and we're about to cast on the penultimate thing and I at this time am just so excited from what's happening that I'm like "screw it I'm gonna go for it". It's gonna be mine. I'm gonna take the taxes for the next month. I'm gonna take all the gear from the castle. I'm gonna take everything... We kind of want that political intrigue to be present in the game.[96]Steven Sharif

Objective-based game play helps to balance the zerg mentality.[97]

I always feel that if you balance based on groups that in your balance focus is to incorporate features that play well from a player versus player perspective as well as a player versus environment perspective: Having support classes, having DPS and tanks that can obstruct movement and/or create you know bottlenecks on the field and stuff like that. I think a well-rounded raid it will perform better against a non well-rounded raid, however then you incorporate the second aspect of numbers; and that's where again mobility, organization, leadership tactics. Having objectives in gameplay that make those important helps to balance the zerg mentality that a lot of guilds can tend to have.[97]Steven Sharif


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