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Ashes of Creation is a direct reference to the storyline. Without giving too much away, the phoenix is going to be a persistent symbol throughout the first phase of the storyline, and the world that the players will be inhabiting is a long-lost world that has suffered devastating calamity.[2]Jeffrey Bard

The Phoenix is the celestial avatar of the Goddess of creation. Her sacrifice protected the people of Verra during the apocalypse.[3]Steven Sharif

There are different parts to the Histoire et traditions in Ashes of Creation.[4]

It is about mythology and discovering what truths mythologies are talking about and finding out what really happened on this world so long ago; and that's part of that discovery process; and we want people to feel that throughout the game, not just in terms of lore but in terms of the world itself.[5]Jeffrey Bard

Arcs Narratifs drive one or more storyline quests within the game.[6][7][8][9][4] Story arcs branch into different stories with multiple possible endings depending on the quest objectives that players complete during each chapter.[6][7][9]

We're keeping lore very close to the chest and the reason for that is because it is very rich. It is diverse. It will have applications outside of just the MMORPG. We intend to take it much further, but I want it to be something that the players get to reveal themselves, that's not just handed to them and then the experience is lost. They should feel when they're experiencing this that it relates to them on a personal level.[11]Steven Sharif


L'histoire de la Création nous parle d'une race d'êtres nommés Les Anciens, créés à l'image de ce que furent jadis Les Dix. Les Dix accordèrent toutes leurs qualités à une race devant avoir l'intendance de toute la Création. La puissance des Anciens grandit et un désaccord apparut au sein des Dix pour contenir leur nouvelle création. Trois parmi les Dix se séparèrent des autres et commencèrent à enseigner aux Anciens les Secrets de l'Essence. Lorsque les Sept apprirent cela, une formidable bataille céleste s'ensuivit. Des éternités passent et vous observez tandis que le combat continue dans le royaume céleste. Certains disent que c'est la bataille qui créa les étoiles et les cieux que nous voyons à présent. À chaque coup entre les Dix naquit une nouvelle étoile. Quand la bataille s'acheva, les autres et les Anciens furent bannis par les Sept dans le Néant. Les Sept trouvèrent l'erreur de leur approche et décidèrent de répartir leurs qualités dans quatre races au lieu d'une seule ; et c'est ainsi que les Humains, Elfes, Orcs et Nains vinrent à être. Vous observez tandis que les Sept créent Verra et placent chacune des races à leur emplacement respectif. Lorsque l'histoire prend fin, une sombre silhouette grandit au loin et se rapproche de vous. Jusqu'à ce que tout ce que vous voyez soit l'obscurité. Et vous vous réveillez en sueur après un cauchemar.[12]Steven Sharif

The Essence

The Essence is a metaphysical energy or life-force (Chi) that can be manipulated to create what could be viewed as magic. There are different planes of existence (realms) with varying degrees of strength (of magic), determined by their proximity to the Essence. The planes of existence in Ashes of Creation are connected across bridges created by the Essence, referred to as Rivers of Essence.[13][14][15]

The higher up you go in these planes, the closer to the source of the Essence you really are. And that's where you can see stronger manifestations of the magical aspects of the Essence.[13]Steven Sharif
The essence is a stream that exists across all planes of existence, but it exists at different levels of strength essentially at different levels that can be utilized; and the void is the furthest... There is a very minute amount of essence that can be found within the void. However the planes of existence that are in Ashes of Creation- they are connected across bridges created by the essence. So these ley-lines in a sense that exist within the different planes provide conduits of access and on Verra, which was a planet that was made after the ancient- the celestial battle.[15]Steven Sharif

Souls (also referred to as Mortal coils) are the conduits for The Essence to travel between the different planes of existence. This idea is an integral component of the broader features in the storyline.[13][14]

When you think about souls being a conduit, what are conduits used for? Conduits are passages: they're methods by which Essence can travel between realms, between planes. And there hasn't been any definitive understanding of just how many planes exist. We understand that there is a disparity between the planes when it comes to their connection to the Essence, and because Essence is so powerful; and it flows through these planes almost like a river. You can think that conduits help to maintain that flow and/or even exaggerate the flow; and there might be something at play, that I don't wanna touch necessarily, as to why one would want to create these types of conduits, these souls, this creation on the material plane: Something of significance.[14]Steven Sharif
  • The Essence is so powerful it flows through the planes almost like a river. Soul conduits help to maintain or even exaggerate this flow.[13][14]
Souls acting as conduits is a very integral component of some broader features in the storyline. If you think about souls being a conduit for Essence and you think of the gods as masters of the Essence: If you think of the Essence being separate from the Gods- let's say they're parallel to each other- one didn't create the other, but they coexist in this almost symbiotic form with one another: almost to the point where their manipulation of the Essence is perfection: They can perfectly manipulate it and lesser beings- and I say 'lesser' in a sense of their alignment or closeness to Essence. They're still perfecting that manipulation and some never achieve perfection almost to the degree of ascendency or enlightenment- Essence being that sort of Chi that exists. In that regard, when a perfect being such as the gods- and I'm not saying 'perfect' as the correlation between sin and not sin, I'm thinking perfect in the sense of how you can control and manipulate the Essence: That control is perfection for them.[14]Steven Sharif
  • The gods are masters of the Essence, but they are separate from it. One didn't create the other, but they exist together in a symbiotic form where the gods have achieved an almost perfect manipulation of the Essence and of "lesser beings" who exist further from the Essence.[13][14]
One of the great differentiators between mortal divine races and the gods is that aspect of mortality. And one of the ways that the divine races were created in order to interact with the Essence was through the use of a mortal coil; and that mortal coil was malleable. Your soul was malleable. It could change to adopt a greater connection with the Essence around one particular school of magic perhaps, or one type of magic that you might use Essence for. And the more you experienced that, the more adept you became with utilizing that magic. And that's because your coil would start to mold itself to best facilitate that flow of essence: whatever school of magic you were manipulating with it.[13]Steven Sharif
  • King Atrax was the first ruler of Verra to discover the purpose of The Essence, allowing the manipulation of matter and exploitation of magic for any means.[16]
When you have the story of the original Ancients, the predecessor race to the divine races, their coil began to warp and change to best facilitate Essence through the use of corruption and corrupt magic, because it was in their history that they learned the most powerful use- or at least what they believed was the most powerful use of Essence was, through corrupt magic. And that's what allured them towards it. So to give you better context about why that conduit is so important is as your base character, as your core archetype continually learns and manifests things in the world of Verra through the use of the Essence. It will continue to shape and change its conduit towards that purpose.[13]Steven Sharif
  • The Tulnar have souls and these souls act as conduits for the Essence.[17]
Now, how does the soul act as a conduit to the other races, to the other realms? Remember, that Essence is like a river that flows through the planes; and when it touches mortal coils that use it in a certain way, it has reverberations throughout the river that is felt across the planes. And that's how important the divine races are when it comes to the war over their soul, so to speak, is what impact it has across the universe.[13]Steven Sharif
  • Shape-shifting (changeling) is done so through the Essence by focusing on that specific type of magic.[19]

Corrupted Essence

Corrupted Essence (commonly referred to simply as Corruption) is a negative aspect of The Essence that was spread by The Ancients during the Apocalypse.[18][22]

Corruption is a representation of The Ancients' magic: The Ancients hatred. The Ancients desire to strike back at the creation of what their the gods who banished them to the void have tried to accomplish on Verra. And so corruption is this influence of The Essence that permeates around locations in the world and tries to pervert what that creation really is.[23]Steven Sharif
  • Corruption was brought to Verra by the Harbingers, which are comet-like celestial bodies powered by a very strong source of magic.[24][15]
What does corruption do as it seeps in through the world? It seeps in a way that's responsive to player progression. So as the nodes develop, as the world becomes more civilized by society, going out and standing up these cities and these nodes and whatnot, corruption responds to that. It is an equal pushback that it's trying to achieve. And it's up to players to thwart the advancement of that corruption through achieving certain story arc quest lines, through killing certain bosses, through, participating in content that relates to that corruption seeping into the world. But corruption is not all bad, because corruption changes spawners and it changes populations and it changes resources that become available- unique resources... So there is a relevance- meaningful component of why that corruption would want to be interacted with from the player's perspective. But it's a push and pull situation. That's really what corruption is intended to provide, push and pull between the advancement of society and what was there that's more feral.[25]Steven Sharif

Pantheon of gods

"Planetarium" concept art par Ryan Richmond.[38]

Les dix déités dans Ashes of Creation forment un panthéon de dieux.[39] Il y a eu une lutte céleste entre les dieux, qui les a fracturés entre le bien et le mal.[10]

Le commencement de la création de l'univers présent dans Ashes of Creation est le résultat d'un groupe d'êtres divins. Ils étaient dix et il y a eu une lutte céleste qui a conduit à une fracture parmi ces dieux. Et il existe au sein de cette histoire deux composantes de bien et de mal.[10]Steven Sharif

Tôt dans la création de l'Univers, le panthéon des dieux a été divisé. Certains dieux influencent le côté corrompu des êtres qui existent dans l'Univers. Il est possible à travers des quêtes et une décision du joueur de rejoindre ou vénérer ces dieux.[40]

  • Les Anciens et les Autres sont les dieux maléfiques qui sont les principaux antagonistes dans l'histoire et qui ont souillé et perverti toute la création.[41]
  • Il est possible pour certains arcs narratifs de se rattacher à un parcours plus sombre/maléfique, si un personnage en fait le choix.[10]

Les dieux dans Ashes of Creation représentent différents aspects de l'Univers, ainsi que des sentiments.[42]

Chaque dieu... possède un domaine spécifique qui le relie au monde et à sa création.[10]Steven Sharif

Nous avons une histoire riche concernant le panthéon des dieux, mais c'est une chose dont je veux être sûr que les joueurs découvrent dans le jeu, pas par des explications.[42]Steven Sharif

The Ancients

A Lieutenant of The Ancients Rendu 3D.[48]

This is one of the lieutenants that exists of the Ancients; and you can see they have an almost alien look to them and that is because they have deviated over such a long period of time from their original creation, which looked something very very different: more akin to the Elven and Human races that we have now. But over time through their manipulation of the Essence and the corruption that has ensued within their race, they have taken the form that you can see.[49]Steven Sharif

Suffering Wanderer Rendu 3D.[50][51]

You're going to see really a dark, more insidious creature that's present as the primary antagonist within the storyline of Ashes of Creation. You know they don't have the typical physical attributes you come to expect from a bipedal species like eyes and a mouth, but more something alien- that exists something that is just not natural in its appearance.[28]Steven Sharif

The Ancients (the original creations of the Ten gods) and The Others (the banished gods) are the primary antagonists in the lore who defiled and perverted all of creation.[48][15][41]

  • The Ancients learned from The Others how to use The Essence to achieve immortality. This was a pure form of immortality, more akin to the godhood that exists among the Pantheon. This immortality prohibited them from encompassing undeath in the manner of King Atrax.[52]

If the Verran races were combined they’d be the ancients.[55]Steven Sharif

  • The Ancients arrived at Verra through the Harbingers, which are comet-like celestial bodies powered by a very strong source of magic that essentially acts as a bridge between The Void and the Material plane where Verra exists.[48][15]

You're going to see lieutenants, captains, generals, and raid bosses and they're all going to take different forms because their whole perversion of Essence through the corruption is to take creation on the material realm, that the Pantheon of good Gods did, and twist and bend it to the corruption that exists within the Essence, because they view that as a more powerful form, a more raw and arcane form of what magic is meant to be used for. There's no point in these false constructs of morality when utilizing and harnessing the power that comes from the Essence. That is a social construct that was created by inferior gods, according to the Others; and it limits the ability of their creation to really capitalize on what the Essence is to be used for in its pure, innate nature.[19]Steven Sharif

  • The Ancients' race exists in a caste-oriented system because the Essence has a profound effect biologically, physically, and visually on the appearance of the creatures that are manipulating it and are corrupted by it.[56][19]
    • Grunts are the peons or soldiers on the front lines who are specifically geared toward combat, or magic utilization, or specific environments or climates.[56][19]
    • Lieutenants have wing structures and more asymmetrical appearances.[56][19]
    • Captains and generals are also ranks in the caste system.[19]
    • Large raid bosses and/or world bosses are monolithic in their appearance and unlike what standard creatures look like. These are huge, imposing creatures.[56][19]

The gods... wanted to represent their qualities, their characteristics, their attributes within creation with the creation of something, so they started with a race that are now known as The Ancients; and they imbued them with all of their qualities. Essentially now that that turned out to be a mistake because with those types of qualities all in one species there was a a pride that happened- a desire to become more; and that led a little bit of conflict between the Ancients; and actually there was a partition created between some of the gods within the pantheon that embraced the idea of introducing the Ancients as part of essentially their plane of existence and teaching them the ways of the Essence, in all of its facets: not just what can be used for good, but also what could be used for evil as well. And three of the gods split off and went against the quorum that was established about not interfering with the Ancients after they started this down this road of learning more of the essence and how to manipulate it; and these three gods are known as The Others. So the others really embraced teaching the Ancients knowledge of the essence that they had learned through their eternal existence; and this caused a celestial battle to occur; and the pantheon of the Seven were able to defeat the others; and they banished the Ancients and the Others from the material plane and from the plane of the gods to the void which is the furthest from being connected to the essence.[15]Steven Sharif


Il y a six religions principales ainsi qu'une religion de l'Underrealm.[58][59]

  • La religion est envisagée comme étant une source de motivation et non d'esthétique.[60]
  • Choisir une religion permet au joueur de suivre un chemin lumineux ou sombre.[10]

Nous parlons ici d'un panthéon, pas nécessairement de religions distinctes. Il y a toutes sortes de ramifications sur qui est le meilleur dieu, ou quel est le dieu qui vous correspond le mieux.[10]Jeffrey Bard

Orders of the Seven

Les Ordres des Sept sont des organisations religieuses correspondant aux sept grands temples de Verra.[46]

  1. L'Ordre de l'espoir est un ordre des Humains Aelan basé dans la capitale d'Aela. Sa divinité tutélaire est Resna.[46]
  2. L'Ordre du destin est un ordre des Orcs Kaivek dont le siège se trouve dans la capitale de Ren. Sa divinité tutélaire est Norlan.[45]
  3. L'Ordre de la vérité est un ordre des Elfes Pyrian dont le siège se trouve dans la capitale d'Amera. Sa divinité tutélaire est Shol.[47]

Au sein des temples des sept, il existe différents niveaux d'organisations qui ne font appel qu'aux services des disciples les plus dévots. Selon les aptitudes du disciple, les services peuvent signifier de nombreuses choses. Pour ceux parmi les disciples qui détiennent un ensemble d'aptitudes particulier, il y a les ordres des sept. Chaque ordre obéit à une hiérarchie différente au sein des multiples temples des sept que l'on trouve sur l'ensemble de Verra.[46]Steven Sharif

The Lightpact

Cloak of the Broken Pact cosmetic concept art.[61]

This flowing silken mantle of the Lightpact inspired hope in all those that caught a glimpse of them during the terrible final days of Verra. Fighting tirelessly against the pressing darkness, the fluttering capes were often the last rays of light seen before escaping to safety. Tragically, it was only the cloak itself that was recovered after the finishing blows were felled.[61]

The Lightpact was an alliance of the Orders of the Seven, created by the four major races of Verra in order to solve the mystery of the Harbingers.[62]

Even though they have different focuses and reasons why their followers worship specific gods, at the end of the day, they're all a Pantheon of good. So there's a reason for them to work together to subvert the goals and/or aspirations of the Others and the Ancients. And those who seek to pervert what the Essence is capable of through the means of Corruption.[63]Steven Sharif
  • There are key individuals within the Lightpact and within the religions that have a longer objective that ties into the overarching metanarrative, in terms of the reason for the return to Verra.[63]
Standing against the heralds of corruption, the Lightpact once carried the hopes of all Verrans on their shoulders. Their flames would ultimately be dashed on the rocks of betrayal and destruction. Corruption, death, and evil now grasp and consume the light that once led the way. With the re-emergence of the Divine Gates, will the beacon of faith be set ablaze once more?[64]


Eight of the nine races in Ashes of Creation.[65]

Ashes of Creation offre 9 races jouables.[66]

Parent race Races
Aela Humans Kaelar.[66] Vaelune.[66]
Dünzenkell Dwarves Dünir.[66] Niküa.[66]
Kaivek Orcs Ren'Kai.[66] Vek.[66]
Pyrian Elves Empyrean.[66] Py'Rai.[66]

Verra est un monde aux cultures riches et diverses. Une grande partie de son histoire importante a été dominée par les races principales. Les Humains de la côte et des plaines, les Orcs dans les collines et les marais, les Elfes de la forêt et des rivières, et les estimés Nains des montagnes. Les grandes races ont dominé à travers d'innombrables guerres et escarmouches entre les races mineures de Verra. Des décennies peuvent s'écouler entre ces flambées de violence. Il existe de nombreuses races mineures sur Verra. Certaines races mineures existent dans des villages ou des tribus de fortune, si vous voulez. Certains des principaux villages parmi les races mineures sont composés principalement de géants, de sectes moins réputées d'Humains, de Gnomes et d’Halfelins. Les Halfelins ne sont pas des Halfelins au sens traditionnel mais en fait des sang-mêlés de races différentes..[68]Steven Sharif

Errant dans les endroits les plus sombres du monde se trouvent de véritables abominations sinistres de la création. Les grandes églises de civilisation envoient souvent des héros de l'État pour éliminer ces menaces contre les mortels. Il existe actuellement quatre grandes nations sur Verra. C'est 25 ans à peu près avant la chute: l'Empire Aelan, le Royaume Pyrian, le Protectorat Kaivek et la nation de Dünzenkell. Il n'y a pas toujours eu seulement quatre grandes nations. Il y a longtemps, les races étaient davantage divisées en plusieurs nations et cités-états.[69]Steven Sharif

Au cours des 7 000 ans d'histoire attestée, des guerres après guerres ont été menées. Certaines pour la terre, d'autres pour les ressources, beaucoup pour les croyances. Les maisons royales se sont levées et sont tombées au fil des ans. Certaines sont désormais dépourvues de seigneurie. De nombreuses cités-États existent à Verra. Certaines semblables à des bastions autogérés de la démocratie et des républiques. D'autres sont des États vassaux à l'ordre de leurs bienfaiteurs.[70]Steven Sharif

Aela humans

Les Humains Aelans sont divisés en deux races : les Kaelar et les Vaelune.[72]

L'Empire Aelan est le plus récent successeur de l'ancienne grande maison de Lyneth. Pendant plus de mille ans, la maison de Lyneth régna sur l'Aela. Un âge d'or perdura pendant la plus grande partie de son règne. C'est seulement à l'aube du [dernier siècle avant la chute], lors de la Grande Guerre des Immortels, que la maison chuta. Sans aucun héritier approprié pour le trône de Lyneth, le pays tomba dans le chaos. Ce qui a émergé est la fragile république que nous voyons aujourd'hui. Elle a administrée par l'Empereur élu par le Conseil des Cinq : les cinq qui gouvernent les plus grandes villes de l'Empire. L'Empire Aelan est de loin le plus vaste pays de Verra, avec une population de plus de huit millions d'âmes. Les Aelans représentent également la plus grande population de Verra. Ses frontières bordent toutes les autres nations; et avec leurs intérêts d'expansion sur les mers de Verra, ils peuvent déployer leurs armées largement redoutées sur n'importe quel rivage. L'Empire utilise cette peur pour intimider de nombreuses cités-États et les plier à sa volonté. Ceux qui nient la volonté de l'Empire se retrouvent souvent au bout d'un glaive.[73]Steven Sharif

Doren Greyshore

Doren Greyshore was a famous Aelan explorer who founded The Greyshore Company.[74]

Hundreds of years before the first Harbinger appeared in the Verran sky, under the rule of King Fentis Lyneth VIII, there lived a great Aelan explorer named Doren Greyshore. Doren sailed the first ships to the shores of Erinthia, where he established one of the wealthiest guilds the 10 seas had ever seen: The Greyshore Company. Their motto - to this day - still holds true: "The sails of diplomacy are driven by the winds of trade, within the seas of opportunity."[74]

Dünzenkell dwarves

Les Nains Dünzenkell sont divisés en deux races: Dünir et Niküa.[75]

Au plus profond des montagnes de Verra, la légende parle d'une forge créée par les dieux, de laquelle tous les nains sont originaires. Imaginée comme étant la première des quatre races majeurs créées, on raconte que les nains sont arrivés sur le continent à bord de bateaux fait de pierres et d'acier. Les forgerons et artisans nains se trouvent aux quatre coins de Verra. Le centre de la race Naine est la nation de Dünzenkell, se trouvant profondément dans les montagnes du nord. La société naine a tendance à être principalement matriarcale et les clans sont sous le contrôle des plus anciennes matriarches. Les Nains sont liés les uns aux autres par des alliances forgées entre les guildes familiales. L'enfant Nain est marqué très jeune avec le sceau de sa guilde. Certains nains bannis de Dünzenkell ou ayant choisis de prendre la route seuls auront généralement leur sceau effacé par le feu.[76]Steven Sharif

La nation de Dünzenkell, enfui profondément dans les montagnes de Verra est la plus ancienne nation du monde. Les Dünzenkell sont connus par bien des noms au fil des ages, mais seulement un nom fut accordé à la plus haute montagne dans laquelle leur capitale se tient depuis les balbutiement de l'histoire: Dün. Les Nains de Dünzenkell règnent au travers d'un conseil de guildes. Une famille royale est choisie une fois tous les 200 ans par ce conseil pour régner. Actuellement le droit de régner incombe au roi Grimlay. Cela fait presque 400 ans depuis que le roi a mené les Dünzenkell. traditionnellement ce rôle incombe à la matriarche de la famille. Des expéditions sont régulièrement envoyée dans l'Underrealm depuis Dün; et nombreux sont ceux qui pense que c'est là que se trouve la source des secrets entourant les Nains et leur réussite dans la maitrise de l'artisanat. Une magie innommable existe dans les profondeurs de Verra. Sa source inconnue de beaucoup. Dünzenkell a pourtant longtemps bénéficié de cette source. Elle a nourrie les expansions des royaumes nains partout dans les montagnes du Nord.[77]Steven Sharif

Dünheim history

During the great calamity that befell Verra, the inhabitants of Dünheim elected to remain in their mountain keep. This didn't work out well for them. In the wake of the destruction many artifacts and treasures were left behind.[78]

Dillia's diary.[80]

I was a child when they first appeared in the night’s sky. At first there were three distinct lights. Not quite the brightest in the sky, but they were bright enough. My mother told me that they were a sign from the Gods, that the world was about to change. She had a sense for these types of things. A long line of women in my mother’s family were Oracles. Written on one of the many tablets in the Great Halls of King Grimlaey, is the story of my Great-Grandmother, the Royal Court’s Regent Oracle, and how she foretold the rise of the Undying during the Great War.

As the days grew to months, and months into years, the lights in the night’s sky grew in number. The priests in the temples began to refer to the lights as Harbingers. Upon my graduation from the Master Stonecutters University, the lights numbered 16. Each passing month, the lights grew in brightness and size.

It didn’t take long for things to change in Dünheim. Families that I had grown up with, began to move away from the city in the heart of the Mountain. Travelers became less common, and temple services were filled every day with new converts seeking answers about the Harbingers and what they meant. My mother wanted to leave the city as well, but my father wouldn’t hear it. His auction house is what kept food on the table, and my brothers were both in the Council Guard. There was no way my father was going to be seen leaving the mountain. Honor and respect meant more than life itself, and my father had great pride in my brothers. Despite my mother’s persistence to leave the city, we stayed.


Kaivek orcs

Les Orcs Kaivek sont divisés en deux races : les Ren'Kai et les Vek.[81]

Les Kaivek ont toujours respecté un code de loyauté tribale strict... Environ treize siècles [avant la chute], un chef nommé Ran'Kal unifia les clans dans une nation appelée le Protectorat Kaivek. Kal enseignait que tous les Orcs s'engagent envers la protection de l'ordre divin. Cet enseignement exprimait la croyance que la volonté des dieux était que les Orcs aient la supériorité sur les autres nations de Verra. Car c'était uniquement par l'union des clans que les habitants de Verra seraient conduits à l'illumination. Ce furent les enseignements de Kal qui conduisirent les Kaivek à mener des campagnes de conquêtes à travers les terres de Verra. Tandis que les Orcs étaient nomades et divisés avant Kal, ils devinrent sous son commandement une nation puissante, unie dans la conquête. Des trophées de chacune des villes conquises se trouvent dans la capitale de Ren. [Juste avant la chute], le Protectorat Kaivek a adopté une politique de coexistence pacifique avec ses voisins. Ayant enduré des siècles de conflit, des chefs se sont levés parmi eux pour faire écho à ces enseignements de paix. Ces récentes réformes ont une fois encore conduit à une rupture dans le Protectorat. De l'agitation parmi les clans a nécessité l'élimination de ceux indignes de la protection de l'ordre divin.[82]Steven Sharif

Pyrian elves

Les Elfes Pyrian sont divisés en deux races : les Empyrean et les Py'Rai.[85] Les Pyrian sont la race elfe mère d'une époque lointaine :[86] les anciens Elfes.[87]

Pour plus de 4 000 ans, la famille royale Pyrian de Eradal a perduré. Les frontières du royaume incluent la grande forêt d'Erinthia. La capitale Amera est parmi les plus anciennes et plus belles villes du monde. Ses familles royales peuvent retracer leurs lignées jusqu'à l'époque des Feux Sombres. Les universités Pyrian d'études magiques et martiales sont inégalées dans les terres de Verra. De nombreux citoyens du Royaume s'aventurent dans les terres de Verra avec le souhait de transmettre leur connaissance de l'art et de la science aux autres Verrans. Ces expéditions sont souvent financées par les maisons royales de Pyria avec l'espoir de favoriser de meilleures relations avec leurs voisins Humains. Autrefois un proche allié d'Aela et de la maison de Lyneth, le Royaume Pyrian et l'Empire Aelean ont mis fin à l'une des guerres les plus sanglantes de l'histoire Verran. Quatre-vingts ans ont passé depuis la dernière effusion de sang, et bien que les tensions se sont calmées parmi les citoyens des deux nations, il reste niveau de défiance accru entre les nouveaux dirigeants de l'Empire et la famille royale de Pyria.[47]Steven Sharif

La race elfe est plutôt secrète, éxistant au sein du royaume Pyréen. Société principalement patriarcale, les Elfes tendent à demeurer à l'intérieur des frontières naturelles de leurs forêts. C'est seulement depuis le dernier millénaire qu'on voit l'existence des colonies elfes dans le Riverlands. Les érudits elfes, dignitaires et pionniers, peuvent souvent être vus dans les nombreuses citées humaines: bien que leur présence se fasse rarement autre-part que sur des sites archéologiques, académiques ou diplomatiques. Les rumeurs abondent dans les plus sombres cercles de Verra qu'une lignée particulière d'elfes existe dans l'Underrealm de Verra.[88]Steven Sharif

Toren empire

The Toren empire, it's equitable to what the Roman empire was on Earth in the sense that this was one of the first major civilizations; and partially the reason why the area you're in currently is considered the badlands or the frontier and is riddled with ruins during this time in Verra before the actual Apocalypse.[89]Steven Sharif

The ancient capital city of Torall... was the center of one of the greatest and first civilizations of Verra. This was actually a very rare civilization known as the Toren empire. The Torens were essentially half elves. They were a mixture of what was once the predecessor to the Aelan kingdom- the humans, and the Pyrian elves.[16]Steven Sharif

The Toren empire was the greatest and first civilizations of Verra. Its capital city was Torall.[16]

  • The Torens were half-elves: A mixture of what was once the predecessor to the Aelan kingdom- the humans, and the Pyrian elves.[16]
  • King Atrax was the last and longest serving ruler of the Toren empire.[16]

King Atrax

A staff of the Ancients Rendu 3D.[90] [91]

A glorious staff of the Ancients that we revealed during November's development update![91]

The last ruling house of the Toren empire, which oversaw its downfall was the house of Atrax. King Atrax was actually its longest ruler, also its last ruler, and he was a very powerful and advanced wizard for his time. He dedicated the vast majority of his early rule to seeking out artifacts, knowledge, the focal points of essence; and he discovered its purpose as it becomes the manipulating matter behind exploiting magic for any means. He became obsessed with the pursuit of that knowledge as a very accomplished wizard and one of the ways he pursued that ever-longing learning was to try and achieve immortality; and in his pursuit of immortality he discovered that manipulating the life-force of a soul essentially is to greater increase your ability to focus the essence, because each person's soul acts as, in some way shape or form, a conduit of the essence across the plains. So that's essentially how the gods are capable of reaching into the material plane- one of the ways- is through the souls of their divine beings, which are the four great races and their descendants. In his pursuit of immortality he came across some more dark applications of the essence and in doing so- discovering these artifacts along the ley lines that are in Verra- he came into contact with forces that existed outside of the material plane in the void itself. Now these were unbeknownst to him The Ancients as well The Others and manipulating that contact.[16]Steven Sharif

King Atrax began to manipulate the essence in a way that was trying to capitalize on everlasting life, on immortality. So in doing so he came into contact with the ancients; and the Ancients took advantage of this- was their first contact with any of the divine races actually- and this is what led the Ancients to begin their pursuit of Verra: to start that process of the Harbingers eventually finding Verra and coming to the planet to pervert what the gods- the seven gods- had created through their second creation. Now the Ancients created this contact with Atrax through summoning rituals that Atrax had learned through manipulating the essence; and it was through these contact rituals that Atrax learned how to achieve immortality. But the Ancients were deceptive in actually not informing Atrax how this would deform his conduit, his soul essentially that exists with the Essence. So he underwent a process of essentially lichdom where he was the first lich and the first undead on Verra; and it was from him and his pursuit of immortality that undeath became a reality on Verra; and it was his subjects that suffered as a result of his desire to become immortal. So he began different rituals on his subjects, which allowed the undeath to propagate across the world in his population over time. So he would- before he became a lich he experimented on his citizens; and that's what really was the origin of the undead and this undead the Ancients- one of the unique things about the Ancients was in their first discovery of how they could use the Essence and what the Others taught them was they became immortal themselves. But they became immortal in a more pure form, essentially akin to the godhood that exists among the Pantheon; and that prohibited them from encompassing this undeath component. But they did not teach that to King Atrax. So that talks a little bit about the origins of the undeath on Verra and undeath in general.[52]Steven Sharif

King Atrax was the last and longest serving ruler of the ancient Toren empire, which was one of the greatest and first civilizations of Verra.[16]

  • King Atrax was a powerful and advanced wizard for his time who dedicated the majority of his rule to seeking out artifacts, knowledge, the focal points of The Essence. He discovered its purpose, manipulating matter and exploiting magic for any means.[16]
  • His goal was to achieve immortality; and in this pursuit he discovered that manipulating the life-force of a soul essentially increases one's ability to focus the Essence, as each person's soul acts as a conduit of the essence across the planes of existence.[16][52]
  • In his pursuit of immortality he came across other dark applications of the Essence and in doing so he came into contact with forces that existed outside of the material plane: in The Void itself. Unbeknownst to him these were The Ancients and The Others who began manipulating that contact through summoning rituals that Atrax had learned in his studies of the Essence.[52][16]
    • This contact prompted the Ancients to begin their pursuit of Verra, which started the process of the Harbingers eventually finding Verra and coming to the planet to pervert what The Seven gods had created (in their second creation).[52]
  • Through his summoning rituals Atrax finally learned how to achieve immortality. But the Ancients were deceptive in actually not informing him how this would deform his conduit (his soul) that exists with the Essence. Atrax eventually underwent a process of becoming first Lich and first undead on Verra.[52]
    • It was from this pursuit of immortality that undeath became a reality on Verra: Atrax had begun different rituals on his subjects, which allowed the undeath to propagate across the world, causing suffering amongst his subjects.[52]
    • The Ancients had previously learned from The Others how to use the Essence to achieve immortality themselves. Unlike Atrax, they became immortal in a pure form, more akin to the godhood that exists among the Pantheon, which prohibited them from encompassing this undeath component themselves. This pure form of immortality was not taught to King Atrax.[52]
  • After his lichdom was achieved Atrax continued to enslave his undead subjects, having them procure ancient artifacts from around the world so that he could further pursue his manipulation of the Essence and magic.[92]
  • Following The Great War of the Undying with King Atrax, the Aelan people would form the Aelan Empire.[93][73]

Fallow's Hold

Fallow's Hold is one of the great dungeons of Ashes of Creation located near the capital city of the ancient Toren empire, Torall.[92]

  • Fallow's Hold was commissioned by King Atrax and built by the master builders of the Dünzenkell dwarves with whom he was affiliated.[92]
  • Fallow's Hold was originally built as a great vault to house powerful ancient artifacts that were procured from around the world by Atrax's undead slaves so that he could further pursue his manipulation of The Essence and magic.[92]
  • Fallow's hold is a very dangerous dungeon with many constantly changing traps.[92]

The ancient civilization of the Torren empire and their capital city of Torall, which houses one of the great dungeons of Ashes of Creation; which is the Fallow's Hold. Fallow's Hold is essentially where many of the artifacts that had a close alignment to the Essence on Verra because of their proximity to these ley lines and these sites that exist throughout the world: They were all brought here to King Atrax even after his lichdom was achieved, because he continued to enslave his subjects, the undead essentially, to procure these artifacts from around the world so that he can continue even in his immortality to learn about the use of Essence and magic and manipulation of it; and he constructed a great vault here through his affiliation with the master builders essentially of the Dünzenkell dwarves to create a massive complex underground from the city of the capital of Torall. Now Fallows hold is a very dangerous dungeon and there are constantly changing traps that exist.[92]Steven Sharif

Ancient artifacts

A staff of the Ancients Rendu 3D.[90]

This is not the Staff of the Ancients per-se, it's a staff... Here in the curvature and design of this staff you'll see that it has a very specific and unique looking type of mold so-to-speak. So there could be some relationship between these designs of the staves and/or weapons that you'll see, which are used to harness or focus the use of the Essence, or magic; and how perhaps those structures relate to the types of magic that those creatures are using.[90]Steven Sharif

Les quatres Ancient artifacts de Verra furent initialement découverts par King Atrax dans sa poursuite de la puissance de The Essence. [94][16] Ces artefacts étaient étroitement liés à The Essence sur Verra du fait de leur proximité avec les lignes telluriques d'Essence réparties à travers le monde. [92] Ces artefacts étaient historiquement à l'abris dans le coffre de Fallow's Hold, l'un des grands dungeons de Ashes of Creation, situé non loin de la capital de l'ancien Toren empire, Torall.[92]

  • Le Calice Doré étaient selon les croyances censé apporter la vie éternelle mais permettait en réalité à la corruption de manipuler The Essence pour pénétrer l'âme à travers l'acte d'y boire quelque chose. [94]
  • La Couronne représentait le lien direct que The Ancients avait dans les pensées du King Atrax et qui leur permit de le manipuler. [94]
  • L'Épée apporta un pouvoir inhabituel à travers la manipulation du coter mauvais de The Essence, c'est ainsi que le King Atrax pu maintenir sa domination sur son peuple : grâce à sa puissance physique, se résumant pour l'essentiel à frapper ceux qui s'opposaient à lui et son reigne.[94]
  • Le Baton permit au King Atrax de projeter sa magie sur de longues distances, sa puissance et sa manipulation s'étendait ainsi sur toutes les terres de Verra, lui permettant de garder sous surveillance l’ensemble de son royaume.[94]

The fall

Le monde dans Ashes est resté dépourvu de civilisation durant des siècles.[22]

Le monde dans Ashes est resté dépourvu de civilisation durant des siècles. Jusqu'à maintenant.[22]


Dillia's diary concept art.[80]

The Ancients and The Others they found their way to Verra at some point and they came through what we call the Harbingers, which are essentially these celestial bodies- these almost comet-like structures that were traveling through space to find the location of the new creation; and within those harbingers is a very strong source of magic that essentially acts as a bridge between the Void and the Material plane where Verra exists.[15]Steven Sharif

The Harbingers are comet-like celestial bodies powered by a very strong source of magic that essentially acts as a bridge between The Void and the Material plane where Verra exists.[15]

  • The worst thing the Harbingers bought to Verra was corruption, which twists and distorts everything it touches.[24]
The worst thing that the Harbingers brought was not the Others, but the corruption that they spread. It twists and distorts everything it touches. It whispers in the ears of men, and guides their hands toward terrible ends. There does not seem a means to stop it - our prayers do nothing, our spells are ineffectual. The awful truth is that the Others could simply watch as we burned Verra to ash ourselves.[24]



Sanctus est le monde dans lequel les habitants de Verra trouvèrent leur sanctuaire.[96]

Il y a très très longtemps, tout le monde vivait sur une planète appelée Verra. Un événement cataclysmique a eu lieu et a forcé les gens de ce monde-ci vers un autre, appelé Sanctus. Verra est un monde avec beaucoup de magie. Sanctus est un endroit sans aucune magie. Les habitants se sont échappés à travers ces portails vers le monde de Sanctus. Ils ont dû redécouvrir la technologie, car beaucoup de leur technologie d'alors était basée sur la magie, donc ils ont été obligés de comprendre comment interagir avec ce monde. Des milliers et des milliers d'années s'écoulent. Un long âge de ténèbres passe. L'histoire que je viens de vous raconter tombe dans les mythes et légendes. Une fois cette période révolue, les portails s'ouvrent de nouveau et les joueurs vont se joindre aux gens passant une fois encore à travers ces portails pour revenir dans le monde de Verra et redécouvrir cette magie, redécouvrir leur histoire et tenter de comprendre ce qui est arrivé à ce monde, les forçant à le quitter.[97]Jeffrey Bard

Tales of the Homecoming

Written by Kyrie Patrika Arisanna


"Know then that the unforgivable sin of Atrax was his unbridled hubris. In an attempt to unlock the secrets of immortality the Toren king began an obsessive study of ancient artifacts and profane magicks. This drew the attention of the Ancients, a fallen race banished into the Void in ages past. For the first time since their exile, the ancients became aware of the four races created by the Seven to replace them as the Stewards of Creation.

When the ancients saw that these races were growing, multiplying, and conquering the world that had been taken from them, they became envious and spiteful. In a fit of pique they unloosed the Harbingers -- great balls of ice, dust, and corruption from the heavens -- and hurled them upon the face of Verra.

As Verra fell, the Seven activated the divine gateways. These ancient portals transported the four races to safety on the tellurian, non-magical world of Sanctus, to await the day they could safely return to Verra."

-- Minerva Arisanna, Purian Emissary of the Lightpact THE BOOK OF THE VERRAN EXODUS

These words were put to parchment over four thousand years ago by my great,great grandmother, Minerva Arisanna. I know her only through her writing, and through stories told to me by her daughter, Kyrie Esmane Arisanna, my maternal grandmother, for whom I was named.

My name is Kyrie Patrika Arisanna, Chronologist and Scrivener for the Lightpact. I am eight hundred and sixty-three years old. By Elven reckoning, I am rapidly approaching mid-life, yet Sanctus is the only world I have ever known.

The Lightpact was originally an alliance created by the four races of Verra as we fled the Harbinger Apocalypse and settled on the mundane, non-magical world of Sanctus. In the intervening millennia, tales of our exodus and the legends of Verra have slipped into the realm of folklore and mythology for most of the races. Fortunately thanks to the protracted lifespans and long memories of the Elven races, those teachings have not been lost forever. The Lightpact has endured, and its members have been secretly preparing for the day the divine gateways would finally reopen.

That day has arrived. At long last the ancient pylons -- those enigmatic monuments of sculpted stone that pepper the surface of Sanctus have awakened and paved the pathway home. These living conduits of channeled Essence will transport us across the cosmos and return us to Verra, the mystical world of our ancestors.

This collection of essays is one humble scrivener's admittedly idealistic, but well-intentioned attempt to peacefully chronicle that Homecoming. Upon its completion, multiple copies of this manuscript will be created by Lightpact scribes and read aloud at our arrival encampments across Verra. It is our sincere hope that this might foster cooperation and goodwill between our disparate races, for we are one people in the eyes of the Seven, and Verra is our common birthright.

Kyrie Patrika Arisanna Chronologist and Scrivener for the Lightpact.[98]

The Alchemist's Apprentice

I met the most astonishing individual today! Initially, I had set out to speak to Krelzenus Vagesh, the renowned Vek alchemist and inventor. I had heard that he had come through the divine gateway some time before, and I desired to pick his prodigious brain in regards to any discoveries oddities, or inspirations that had surfaced since hi arrival on Verra. I met up with Vagesh at his local market, which would be more aptly described as a makeshift campground. This bazaar featured an odd assortment of dead things, live things, and crude things to make live things dead things.

After making a proper greeting and introduction, I began to interview him from the list of questions I had prepared. At once he stopped me and bade me to follow him to his laboratory. He said he had someone there that was far more fascinating than his old self.

He lead me to his workshop at the edge of the settlement. I was somewhat disappointed to find that it was just another large tent given a wide berth by the other inhabitants of the area. Seeing my disheartened face as he lifted the front flap, he assured me that the facility was only temporary until a more suitable structure could be built.

Stepping in, my eyes had to adjust to the very low light of the interior, provided by only a few flickering candles. After a moment I could vaguely make out a shape moving about, here and there, sniffing and what sounded like an occasional licking and tasting of objects in the dark.

"Tish, we have a visitor," Krelzenus said in a gentle, calming voice to the creature.

The figure stopped momentarily, uttering a simple "Hejo" in what sounded like a purr, or perhaps a hiss, and then continuing on with its activity.

"Hejo?" I asked Vagesh curiously.

"Yes, it seems to mean 'hello' in the Tulnar Language. A combination of the Common 'hello' and the old Orcish greeting 'vajo.'"

"Ah yes, 'vajo' meaning 'no harm', correct?"

Krelzenus nodded cheerfully, obviously a little impressed with my limited knowledge of an old Orcish dialect.

Turning back toward the creature in the dark that I no knew as Tish, I called out my own little "Hejo!" I heard a slight wuffle of what I took as positive acceptance.

"Tish seems to have quite a talent for alchemy. Her knack for ingredient selection, measurement, mixing and brewing appears to be highly instinctual and productive! Without any instruction at all she whipped up quite an array of potions, poultices, and powders!"

"Simply marvelous!" I exclaimed. I leaned forward to get a better look through the obscuring darkness. As I wrapped my fingers around one of the two small candlesticks, an appendage shot out of the dark to slap my hand away.

"No touch!" I recoiled instantly from the reprimand, struggling to comprehend what had struck me. I could not deduce through the darkness and with the speed of the strike whether it was a hand, or paw, or claw, but I could tell that it was small, about half the size of my own.

"She doesn't like it when you touch her things while she is experimenting, and for a good reason. Some of the mixtures she has created have reacted quite explosively when touched with flame," Vagesh informed me apologetically.

"How old is she?" I asked, fascinated.

"About five years old, or so. Truly a prodigy," Krelzenus beamed. "Also quite resilient, too. I've seen her ingest holly berry, mistletoe, oh, and nightshade without even the slightest signs of discomfort. She does much of her experimentation by smell and taste."

Still stunned by the revelation of her very young age, I inquired whether her dietary fortitude was part of her phenomenal talent, or a trait of her Tulnar biology.

"I do not have enough evidence to say one way or the other, but I have observed others off her family eating spoiled meat and a wide variety of wild mushrooms without so much as a belch. If not indicative of Tulnar as a species, at least I have theorized it runs in her family."

"Fascinating..." I hummed.

"You talk to much! You go now! Can't make with talking!" Tish hissed at us.

"Apologies, Tish!" Vagesh called as he ushered me out quickly.

"It is well to keep her happy. She can throw quite a tantrum when she's frustrated... or tired," he said as he instructed me outside. "Apart fromt hat, I am highly intrigued with the alchemical possibilities she could uncover, and upsetting her would likely cause her to depart."

"So much potential for the future of this new world," I nodded.

I said my goodbyes to the Vek, assuring him that I would return in the future to see what amazing creations Tish had conceived. He shook my hand enthusiastically and ducked back into the tent without so much as a backward glance.

Kyrie Patrika Arisanna Chronologist and Scrivener for the Lightpact.[99]

The Bodabodaga

When the sun sets behind the canopy of the Crystalbough forest, it becomes difficult to tell where the sky ends in the treelines begin. Under the branches, rustling with leaves of orange and yellow despite the seasons, motes of essence-charged pollen flutter through the air like fairies, flickering white. For three days, I rode the path that wove through diamond-white trees between Oleander Reach and Mariam amongst these woods and found myself captivated time and time again.

One unusual evening, while I updated my notes on the banks of an unmarked creek, I spied a peculiar, overlarge stag as it emerged from the golden brush. As it bowed its head to zip from the stream, its conutenance was reflected in the prismatic light from the essence-charged stone bed beneath the surface-- and I saw the face of something else entirely. It was angular, drawn into a point of the nose, with eyes set too far down the sides. A kirin. As it drank, its antlers-- thicker than a buck's and shaped more like branches-- crackled with the raw energy of its sustenance, and I could see the essence arcing between the prongs.

I stood, entranced by its otherworldliness and the grace of its motion. Drawn forward by some inexplicable urge, I'd only taken two steps before an unfortunate footfall cracked a crystalline twig. The beast raised its head, looking directly at me-- and in a blink it shattered into an ephemeral, shimmering mist that retreated across the water.

"Gods be damned!" A voice boomed and sent a flurry of small, white birds into the ochre clouds overhead. The gruffness of tone alerted me to look for a Dünir, and my instincts were true. She pushed through the copse out onto the bank just past where the creature drank, holding her thick arms out wide in a gesture of pure exasperation.

"Why'd you go and do that?" The arch in her brow conveyed her dismay, and as she approached, the water pooled on her eyelids, belied the depth of her frustration. She had golden hair, the color of the leaves of the trees here, though it was wild and in desperate need of a brush and oil. Her beard was neater and woven into short braids at her chin with flowers worked in, and though wayward strands poked out here or there, it seemed more from circumstance than negligence.

I had at first assumed she was a hunter and started to apologize for startling her quarry, but found that notion subverted as she lifted what looked to be a small golden orrery whirring in rapid circles. It shook her arm to the elbow as she held it in the direction that the mist-creature had retreated. The odd device slowed until it stopped, and she fell to her knees in consternation.

She interrupted my apology: "Months wasted. I'll have to start all over again." Carefully she packed the device into a satchel at her hip, and looked over at me with sagging shoulders.

I stood there for a while, unsure of what to say. I felt bad to have startled her prey, but something was strange about this turn of events. While it was true I'd never before seen a kirin, in all my readings of them I'd never encountered anything about them wielding essence with such intention. The hunter seemed to notice my confusion, and as she stood, she concealed the wiping of her eyes in part of the motion of dusting the forest's detritus off her knees.

"You didn't know. I understand." She drew in a long breath, and then exhaled, forcing much of the tension from her posture. "You didn't know, and most importantly, tlegi, you still don't, so i'm going to let you all look here."

I admit I winced at the word, reminded of my early misstep. "Twig"-- a reference to how easily the Empyrean Glitterwall formations broke in early conflict between our peoples during the initial struggles for resources on Sanctus. It's a tale for another time, but our military manuals were worthless after we lost access to magic, needing to be rebuilt from the ground up. This would have been more generations ago than even her eldest relative's great, great, grandparents would recall.

"That's you," I replied, making an effort not to sound so dry. I've readied my pen and notebook, asking if she cared to enlighten me further.

"How could you know? It's clear you're new to these parts, or you'd have come more prepared. You're lucky, in fact, you started the bastard the way you did. It could have killed you with a wink or a sneeze." She straightened herself up, which brought her to approximately half my height, and held out a calloused hand for me to grasp. As I did so, she introduced herself. "Aeri Goldmane. On account of my hair." She ran through it with a quick comb of her fingers.

I wondered how often she'd said that line as I returned my own introduction. "How is it that it takes months for a hunter to track a kirin in their native woods?" I asked perhaps, less kind with my tone here than I should have been, but Aeri seemed too distracted to take offense.

She pulled the device back out of her pouch and held it aloft in nearby pockets of air seemingly at random. "Not just a kirin, tlegi, but the kirin. One of the first ones, older than the apocalypse. A Bodabodaga. Most powerful being in these woods, it's true, though you wouldn't know from how flighty he is."

Never have I heard of it, I wrote it down to verify another time. I confirmed to her, somewhat wryly, that I had not understood the gravity of my mistake until just now. She continued as though I hadn't said a thing.

"The thing is, you can't just hunt a Bodabodaga. They survived by becoming essence itself. They break apart, you saw it. Bringing them back from that requires precise ritual, and I'll be honest, I tried a whole lot of things to make it happen before, and didn't take the best notes, so I have no idea how to recreate the feat."

"You spent months on this and have no idea how to force it back to corporeality?"

She snapped a sharp look at me but sent her braids wobbling. "Well, I'm not scientist or a mage! That's the business of your kind!" And my handwriting is too messy to bother with notes anystone."

"And the device you use?"

She glanced at it, then pulled it to her chest and wrapped her other arm around it. "Ah. I see now." Narrowing her eyes, she slowly backed up to the brush behind her. Though the creek passed between us, she seemed convinced I might lunge for it. "Just stay right there. And don't try to follow me. Now that you know the stakes, I won't be as forgiving if you ruin it again."

In bewilderment, I lowered my book as the dwarf picked her way back into the woods without taking her eyes off me, I returned to my perch beside the stream to record the events of the evening before night had fallen entirely.

Kyrie Patrika Arisanna Chronologist and Scrivener for the Lightpact.[100]

The Verdant Keeper

Shadeless Tree Tavern pre-order pack cosmetic freehold building skin.[101]

While many families have humble gatherings amongst themselves during this time of the year, the Shadeless Tree is an ancient, venerated establishment that wishes to spread this joy to weary travelers. Here, merchants, adventurers, and citizens bereft of a place to be for the Verdant Keeper's feast may stay, exchanging stories, singing songs, and making friends. Though an already lively place to be, during the Keeper's celebrations the tavern is especially alight with joy and many are urged to join in the festivities - provided they do not rock the tavern, so to speak.[101]

The Verdant Keeper... are a sect of people that keep track of all the things that are necessary to have successful crops and to grow things and to make sure that the cultivation of these things allows a society or civilization to keep growing. So in the transition from Verra to Sanctus these people had to relearn how to grow things without magic. There were druid like people before and now we have to go to this place where there's no magic to support those things. So they spend their time learning about the world and learning about it in sort of a scientific way and keeping track of all of these seasons of the different years, of the decades, of the centuries that go by to sort of create a map for themselves and for the civilizations that they support: Kind of a means to be successful in growing crops and keeping people healthy and happy.[102]Jeffrey Bard

As the months come and go, and the hand of winter looms over the land, various farmers of Verra take time to celebrate the fortune granted to them by the Verdant Keeper. Hearths are stoked, candles are lit, and fragrant delicacies are prepared. A massive celebration of food and drink takes place, marking the culmination of their hard work and preparation for the harsh, cold months to come. Should the celebrations go well, they say the Keeper will bless the next spring with a brand new harvest, ready to be plucked.[103]

The Wreckage of Carphin

The Wreckage of Carphin zone.[104]

Carphin was a large city of the Aelan Empire, which housed the Empire’s most prestigious university. At the university stood a tall tower used by the most prolific mages in their studies of the essence. That tower now serves as an expansive vertical dungeon with lost treasures and antiquities fraught with dangers and terror not for the faint of heart.[105]Steven Sharif

The Wreckage of Carphin is a zone in the Riverlands biome.[104]

Carphin was one of the great cities of the Aelan Empire and it's now in ruins.[104]Jeremy Gess
It was a focus of the mages and study of the Aelan Empire. Carphin was a city that had a great mage population, so it had a university there. And things went bad there in the last days of the fall. They made some desperate measures in a really awesome quest series that Scott's written up.[107]Jeremy Gess
We've talked a lot about how corruption- this red influence and the use of how this evil-esque type of magic influences the world around you; and this is a great example in the city of Carphin where you can see how a variant of that corruption- blood magic variant has its own style guide, its own indication of what is going on in this area... In Alpha-1 you saw a few of that- a couple places for the corruption influences back in '21, but it's a large part of how these zones adapt and can change around. Corruption is always trying to encroach on civilization.[26]Steven Sharif

The Tower of Carphin

Statue of Dean Jenika, who taught teleportation at the Tower of Carphin.[108]

An interesting thing about her is that she never died. She was into teleportation; and that was her big area of expertise; and she just never came back.[108]Jeremy Gess

The Tower of Carphin is part of the University complex that was initially brought to the Aela Humans by the Pyrian Elves following The Great War of the Undying. The Elves helped establish and teach the humans how to master The Essence and learn advanced magic.[109][110]

The story behind the tower at Carphin is that it is actually a part of the University complex that was initially brought to the Aela humans by the Pyrian elves; and they helped establish and taught the humans how to master The Essence and how to master magic; and this was one of the great universities of the Aelan Empire, so a lot of the experience and encounters there are going to be arcane in nature. They're going to be representative of that Essence magic and it's going to have some powerful foes.[110]Steven Sharif

Laria Lemonte

Laria Lemonte 3D turntable.[120][119]

Laria Lemonte is a powerful wizard who has unfortunately gone down a dark path.[120]

Laria Lemonte, Head Mistress at Carphin University, was one of the most important mages in the Aelan Empire at the time of the fall. Heeding advice from an unknown origin, she engaged in desperate and dark acts in a fruitless attempt to save the Aelan capital city Aela from destruction.[121]

  • The blood sacrifice of Veric Pulsifer began a ritual that led to the mass killing of the residents of Carphin, turning them undead.[122]
The curse of Carphin was born from blood magic.[123]Steven Sharif
  • The unknown voice who was aiding and abetting her pursuits was the same Ancient that perverted King Atrax from beyond the void.[124]
  • The corrupt mist flowing from the tower did delay the legions of the Ancients in their progress toward the capital until they constructed an apparatus to allow them to cross the river.[122]


Ashes of Creation Apocalypse lore

Divine gateway in the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (BR mode) staging area.[125]

This lobby area where you see players load into- this is unfinished- but this will be one of the capital cities that you are about to enter through the great divine gateways... You're trying to flee; and in this particular game mode you are a part of some unlucky few who didn't quite make it out. And unfortunately after entering the great divine gateway fell back to the planet.[125]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse lore takes place during the exodus from Verra.[125][126][127]

Initially you're playing the Battle Royale you're a part of the last group of survivors to try to leave Verra. And as you're leaving you get cut off. The slipstream ends and you start falling back to the planet. Now the activities that occur and the fighting amongst yourselves is a result of the influence of corruption: Corrupting your soul basically; and as we move into the Castle Siege mode that's where you see the survivors now trying to seek refuge in some of the last defendable bastions of of society. So you're fighting over those for your families and your friends to get into that keep to try to ride out the storm so to say; and that's what the Castle Siege is predicated on. Then moving into the Hordes is this is now the final showdown. How long can you last? And that's the narrative behind Apocalypse as a whole.[128]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse lore is split into chapters.[128]

  • Chapter 1 is called The Exodus. It takes part in the initial stages of the fall and sets the scene for upcoming chapters.[128]

What happened before you came back? What did your ancestors have to go through? What did these civilizations have to endure? ... You get to experience the world of Ashes of Creation. You get to take a peek under the hood of the art assets and the style that that art will be when you play the game; and at the same time while you're doing all of that and we're hitting the servers with as many people as possible, we are continuing production and implementing new art; and we are updating those those chapters of this story; and that's what each season so speak is called for us is a chapter. In fact the first chapter of Apocalypse will be titled the Exodus. So chapter one is the Exodus and players will have an opportunity to earn unique rewards in each chapter. So that chapter's period of time is roughly ten weeks- between eight and twelve. We'll see how those go, but right now it's set for ten weeks; and every ten weeks you're going to see an introduction of new content.[128]Steven Sharif



Underrealm concept art.[129]

La société Tulnar a davantage un système proche des castes, où les caractéristiques physiques que vous présentez, où la situation de vos ancêtres et de votre lignée entre les races qui se sont associées pour créer les Tulnar, déterminent dans une certaine mesure votre ordre dans le système de castes. Donc quand les joueurs vont créer leurs personnages et déterminer s'ils vont avoir de fortes influences reptiliennes, mammifères ou humanoïdes ; c'est ce qui va en quelque sorte déterminer leur accueil par les différents PNJs autant que quand ils interagissent avec les PJs Tulnar.[130]Steven Sharif

Les Tulnar sont une race jouable dans Ashes of Creation.[131][67] Les Tulnar ont fui vers l'Underrealm pour échapper à la Corruption qui a frappé Verra.[132]

  • Les Tulnars sont une combinaison des quatre races principales et de plusieurs races mineures abandonnées sur Verra après l'apocalypse.[133][134][67]
    • Il avait précédemment été indiqué de trois races différentes.[135]
  • Tulnar signifie « Les Oubliés ».[67]
  • Les Tulnar ne sont pas limités à l'Underrealm (il n'y a pas de factions).[136]
  • Les Tulnar mangent beaucoup de choses ![137]
  • Les Tulnar ne sont pas un résultat de la corruption.[138]

Les Tulnar furent-ils le résultat de la corruption dans leur création, ou était-ce purement une sorte de croisement entre les multiples races mineures et majeures qui existaient dans l'Underrealm après l'apocalypse ? Ils ne sont pas un résultat de la corruption. Donc il n'y a pas de corruption qui a été prise en compte durant leur création.[138]Steven Sharif

The Underrealm

Underrealm node concept art.[139]

One of the aspects of the Lore behind the Tulnar was that in the pantheon of gods that exist- having foretold the future through the Goddess of Fate to the Goddess of Creation- these areas in the Underrealm were created in to allow for refuge for which the gods knew would be left behind that couldn't make it to Sanctus. So that was a pre-thought there in the creation of the Underrealm to facilitate that realm where refugees could seek.[44]Steven Sharif

Alpha-0 Underrealm Sharptooth cat mob concept art.[140]

We plan to have the Underrealm really pervasive throughout the game itself, a part of the open world. It will introduce some unique elements such as the type of monsters you see, the type of crops you can grow and houses you can have.[141]Steven Sharif

The Underrealm is a rich environment where bio-luminescence abounds in the fauna and flora that exist here. These deep caverns and underground valleys provide new destinations for civilization to develop. Bringing the node system into the depths of the world may awaken darker creatures than the surface.[129]

  • The Underrealm is estimated to be not too much bigger than 100 km2 in area.[142][143] It is not contiguous space across the entire map. There will be areas that are obstructed by chasms or other features.[144][145]
The expansiveness of the Underrealm itself is quite large. It does persist across across a lot of the playable game area that's above ground. So there are alternatives in the Underrealm for passages and traversal throughout the world.[146]Steven Sharif
  • The location of Underrealm entrances throughout the world is focused around natural geographic choke-points that exist above ground. This provides alternate subterranean routes that can be used by caravans, raids, and other player activities.[142][144][145]
The Underrealm is intending to be bespoke segments of Underrealm territory that are available around areas of choke-point in the world map that are above ground, which are provided for caravan transit across the world. So those caravans as they're approaching these choke-points on land, they will have alternate route options to go down into the Underrealm and to try to traverse that space, as opposed to the choke-points.[144]Steven Sharif
  • Not all entrances to the Underrealm will be open at the same time. This can shift dynamically (based on node states) that cause different routes to open up, which may be more or less advantageous than other routes.[145]
  • There will be bodies of water such as rivers and lakes in the Underrealm that house unique species of fish.[147][148]
    • There won't be boats and other water vehicles in the Underrealm.[147]
There will absolutely be Underrealm lakes and rivers. Those will be locations and very important ones for unique material goods like certain types of fish that players will be able to go down and fish with. But there will not be the use of boats and vehicles within the water- water vehicles of the Underrealm, at least not for launch.[147]Steven Sharif

The return

Adventurers arrive on Verra through great divine gateways.[149]

For those of you who are unaware of the lore of how you get into the world of Ashes of Creation, essentially actually Verra was your ancestral home and when you play the MMORPG you're going to be stepping through what are called these Divine Gateways from a planet called Sanctus; and Sanctus was really a safe haven that was forethought by the Goddess of Fate and Creation as a sanctuary to provide the people of Verra who could survive the fall- the apocalypse- the exodus, essentially.[15]Steven Sharif

The return began with the divine gateways reigniting in Sanctus back to the four capital cities of Verra, which have laid in ruins for centuries following The Apocalypse.[43][149][22]

You are returning to a world that has essentially been destroyed and left untouched for many millennia, and as a result those old capital cities are essentially the ruins of which you're returning to; and the new cities that you are developing- the node structures that exist- these are brand new cities. They might be couched within ruins of old empires so to speak, but they will not be representative of the old capital cities.[150]Steven Sharif
Ancient evils lie in wait for hapless adventurers.[149]

The Ancients exist within the Void until there is a conduit that opens for them to enter into the material plane, so a lot of the Harbingers that still exist on Verra as dungeons essentially is where the Ancients are capable of pushing into the material plane; and they can continue to do so under the guise of the effects of corruption as it spreads; and there are events that lead to the spreading of corruption that players will have to fight back against. These events that occur, players are going to need to participate to keep the intrusion on the material plane back.[28]Steven Sharif

Vast expeditions were sent through the gateways to discover this beautiful and perilous magical realm.[149] Players arrive in Verra to explore, rebuild and repopulate their place of origin. Ancient treasures and wondrous adventures await those who dare to disturb the dark remnants of evil that inhabit this land.[149]

The Ancients have been on Verra for a long time prior to your return; and it's important to note that players who are starting in the world of Verra, they're coming in actually a few short months after the very first expeditionaries were sent through the Divine gateways when they opened from Sanctus. And the early days on Verra with the return were not super easy. They were difficult. There were struggles with the food supplies. There were a little bit of mutinies that occurred. There were certain artifacts that were found by some of these NPCs that were your predecessors in the return; and some of them decided that they would be better off on their own, or that they had a more powerful thing or creature that they could follow and be rewarded from.[151]Steven Sharif
  • Harbingers that exist on Verra as dungeons are where The Ancients are capable of pushing into the material plane. They can continue to do so under the guise of the effects of corruption as it spreads. There are events that lead to the spreading of corruption that players will have to fight back against. When these events occur, players will need to participate to keep the intrusion on the material plane back.[28]
  • From now on, the choices of these adventurers will influence how the story unfolds.[152]
I heard a lot of people asking was, from a technological standpoint where do the people returning stand in relation to what their civilization was before the fall; and I think that in some regards they haven't quite even attained what their people were able to achieve before the exodus.[153]Steven Sharif

Divine gateways

Les passerelles divines sont des portails dans les zones de départ où les joueurs arrivent d'abord à Verra.[154]

Là où les joueurs débutent, ils passent par ce portail depuis un autre monde nommé Sanctus. Sanctus est un endroit sans magie et avec une technologie minime ; et les joueurs sont les premiers membres d'expéditions qui viennent à travers ce portail dans le monde de Verra.[97]Jeffrey Bard

The Sladeborne

Pre-alpha Sladeborne NPC race. This was a once-beautiful race of cloud-dwelling bird people who were struck by the great calamity long ago.[156]

Sladeborne are a corrupted NPC avian race in Ashes of Creation.[157][156]

  • The Sladeborne were first revealed as a mob in Alpha-0.[156]
  • When the Apocalypse occurred, the sentient avian races didn't think to go into the Underrealm. Their first inclination was to take to the sky. The Sladeborne race is indicative of what happened to those who chose not to take refuge in the Underrealm.[158]
  • Sladeborne tribes.

There are bastions that existed of the avian-like races in AoC on Verra before the Apocalypse and before the remaining major and minor races fled to the Underrealm, that held out for a period of time. But there's specific reason why in A0 one of the first races you experienced as monsters or NPCs was an almost humanesque avian bird race. This particular race is I think indicative to what happened to those races because they chose not to go to the Underrealm and there are specific war reasons as to the leaders of those minor races that chose not to do so, which will be revealed in future stories and questlines.[158]Steven Sharif


Narratives (Meta-stories) that play out on a particular server are driven by various story arcs.[159][160][4]

There is of course a meta-story. That meta-story gets informed by regional stories and regional outcomes; and depending on how players progress within their personal stories, that could be either racially based or could be their class-based. They could be a per-node basis. All of those things support a grand structure of the meta-narrative.[159]Steven Sharif

Arcs Narratifs

Alpha-2 early preview of the story arc UI.[161]

Story arcs are like a pre-packaged tabletop campaign. They contain all of the NPCs and quests and monsters- all the things you need to make a cool fantasy story. They're not procedurally generated... We write all the dialogue and we construct all the narrative beats and everything like that, but they will enter the world dynamically depending on the state that the world is currently in; how players have built up specific nodes, what races control various nodes. We have plans to include lots of different things on top of that, but we don't have any quest hubs or anything like that in this game, because players build up all the cities. So we had to get a system that looks at what players are doing and can inject content into the world that makes sense for what they're doing.[30]Skott B

The Blood Still Due story arc unlocking at The Tower of Carphin.[31]

When story arcs come online, they change a lot the environment. They update what monsters are in the world. They create quest NPCs... and then new Pathways can open up through the environment.[162]Skott B

Arcs Narratifs are unlocked by multiple types of player activity within each server.[29][31][30][32]

Every stage a node develops it's unlocking narratives, storylines, it's changing the spawn population of the area around it, changing what bosses exist, it's triggering events where you may have legendary dragons attack the city. It's basically writing the story of the server based on the actions and determination of the players. So, you may experience a dungeon one month earlier and have a completely different story that relates to this location the next month, because something has changed either geopolitically or from the node standpoint.[32]Steven Sharif
Even player driven mechanics will still have story components. There will be a reason why the player driven mechanic is available or required of the player; so every system that's created touches a story.[167]Steven Sharif
  • If there are too many other major arcs happening at the same time in the same zone, a story arc may need to wait its turn, even if conditions are right for it to be unlocked.[29]
  • Arcs Narratifs drive one or more storyline quests within the game.[6][7][8][9][4]
    • Story arcs can branch into different stories with multiple possible endings depending on the quest objectives that players complete during each chapter.[6][7]
    • The developers will try to ensure that story arcs in future expansions flow on from existing story arcs, regardless of the different possible outcomes.[6]
  • There will be a variety of different types of story arc content at different scales, with different cooldowns to suit different types of players in the game.[36]
We must provide enough of this content at varying scales such that it isn't worthwhile or economical to control every single story arc in the world. Some will be smaller in scale and production value, and thus, will move faster and have shorter cooldowns before they're reintroduced.[36]Skott B
info-orange.pngCertaines des informations suivantes n'ont pas été récemment confirmées par les développeurs et peuvent ne pas figurer sur la feuille de route de développement actuelle.

Certain story arcs can be unlocked through the bulletin board system. Certain requirements would need to be met in order to access story arc quests.[170]

Quêtes d'histoire

Les Quêtes d'histoire peuvent avoir de multiples étapes. Ces étapes de quêtes peuvent être échouées.[9]

Il y aura beaucoup de quêtes différentes qui auront des étapes dans l'histoire ; et ces étapes peuvent être éventuellement échouées. Vous pouvez franchement rater une histoire ; ce qui n'est pas terrible quand on y pense, mais en même temps ce risque rend votre investissement beaucoup plus important.[9]Steven Sharif


Player driven narrative

One of the major goals I feel like we have is to allow player decisions to have consequences and to have meaningful results from the decisions that they make, so it seems like people can really create their own stories.[172]Aimi Watanabe

The world of Verra will be the same on each server, but Nœuds will develop differently. Different servers will have different narratives. Things that happen on one server may not happen on another.[173]

We want as many people as possible to experience the main server Narrative. These will branch at different scales, but largely at the personal level. Where things change is at the Node level – different parts of the story will be unlocked based on where and when Nodes grow. Unlocking a part of the story in a certain way locks out progression of the story in a different way. You’ll see different antagonists, different NPCs, and different calls to action depending on what’s happening with the server at that time.[175]

It redefines what the players will experience in an MMORPG to come into a wilderness that is devoid of really any structure outside of what the community creates themselves; and then what can be created can be changed, if they want to experience a storyline that's been seen on another server, but you're fighting a dragon because you're near a mountain and the other server's fighting a Kraken because they're near the coast and you want to fight that Kraken because of its drop table. If you want to meta it or because you just want that under your belt: to be the server first to take out that Kraken and you have yet to develop the node there, it's incumbent upon you to manifest that in the game.[176]Steven Sharif

Narrative events

Narrative Events help shape the story of Verra based on the choices that players make during key questlines. While narrative story arcs take time to develop across a server, Narrative Events will show players that their choices play a bigger part in shaping the world around them through individual actions.[177]Peter Bisulca

Narrative events allow players to shape the story arcs that unfold on their server through the choices they make in key questlines.[177]

Quêtes raciales

Les Quêtes peuvent être basées sur la race d'un personnage.[180]

Différentes quêtes peuvent être en relation avec la culture qui aura contribué le plus dans un Nœud. Cela ne verrouillera pas le contenu, mais au contraire ajoutera de la saveur aux quêtes.[180]

Il pourrait même exister différents répertoires de quêtes qui existent pour des races spécifiques, et même si vous partagez une quête pour tuer un boss, si vous êtes humain et que je suis un elfe, j'aurais un arc narratif différent qui me dirigera potentiellement dans une direction différente de la vôtre, même si on a pris exactement la même quête ; et cela peut être en rapport avec la culture qui aura contribué le plus dans un nœud déverrouillant différents arcs pour les cultures qui partagent la culture principale d'un nœud - Cela ne verrouillera pas le contenu, mais au contraire ajoutera de la saveur dans une direction différente pour ne pas donner la sensation que tout est préfabriqué.[180]Steven Sharif

La race est importante car les histoires ont des chemins qui sont également influencés par la culture qui aura contribué le plus dans un nœud... Si vous êtes un Niküa et que vous vous trouvez dans un nœud Niküa qui est principalement composés de Niküa, vous obtiendrez certains services et/ou compétences en tant que membre de la race Niküa auxquels les autres races n'auront pas forcément accès... Ils auront peut-être des suites de quêtes alternatives, mais ils n'auront pas les quêtes spécifiques. Pour ce qui est des quêtes spécifiques aux Niküa elles seront en rapport à la méta-narration qui sera présente dans le monde et elles commenceront à diriger une partie de cette méta-narration ; et ça sera bénéfique pour votre race car ça débloquera certains contenus pour votre race que d'autres races n'ont pas encore débloqués. Donc il y a une forme de motivation présente pour progresser de cette manière pour atténuer le progrès d'une race dominante.[181]Steven Sharif

Les Quêtes qui sont spécifiques aux Races, Titres, ou aux Guildes composeront sans doute moins de 10% du total de quêtes. 90% des quêtes devront être partageables par tout le monde.[182]


Languages in Ashes of Creation may refer to:

World history

L'histoire de chaque serveur sera suivie et visible par les joueurs.[186]

Nous allons garder la trace de l'histoire du monde afin de pouvoir raconter aux gens le récit jusqu'à ce jour. Un tout nouveau joueur, qui arrive après six mois, peut jeter un œil à chaque serveur, ce que chaque serveur a réalisé, comment le serveur a abordé l'intrigue ; et ils peuvent décider par eux-mêmes quelle communauté ils veulent rejoindre, à quelle version du monde ils veulent prendre part.[186]Jeffrey Bard


At Village (organiser 3) the scientific node's unique building is the Bibliothèque.[179]

In the past we talked about having a library that was capable of facilitating players exchanging information for map data like that, but we've moved a little bit more in a direction of just presenting that information up front to the player, because travel is such a meaningful portion of the game and we don't have fast travel. So, I think that for Alpha-2 what's planned is that we're going to be showcasing the intricate details of services offered at these node locations from just a UI presentation standpoint within the map.[187]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngCertaines des informations suivantes n'ont pas été récemment confirmées par les développeurs et peuvent ne pas figurer sur la feuille de route de développement actuelle.

Players can use the Library to access information, including (but not limited to) the following:[179]

Respawn lore

Il y a un arc narratif qui porte sur comment et pourquoi les personnages ressuscitent ainsi que les lieux dans lesquels ils ressuscitent. Ceci sera révélé tandis que les joueurs explorent le jeu.[189]

Lore videos

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