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Bâtons are a type of melee/ranged weapon in Ashes of Creation.[4][5]

Some staffs will be ranged, interesting note. Some staffs will be melee.[4]Steven Sharif

List of staves

info-orange.pngCette section contient des informations sur les tests Alpha-1. Il sera mis à jour lorsque de nouvelles informations seront disponibles.
Item Icon Source Rarity Level requirement Set
Greatstaff GreatstaffIcon.png [[]] Common
Spire Of Illusion StaffIcon.png Crafted items Epic 15

Staff cosmetics

- None -

Gear slots

Il y a 16 emplacements d'équipement dans Ashes of Creation:[7]

Melee weapons

Low-level shield, one-handed mace, and two-handed staff rendus 3D from Alpha-2.[8]

You can see by the quality of these types of weapons: these are relatively lower level. These are some of the earliest types of weapons and or gear that you can acquire within Ashes of Creation.[8]Steven Sharif

Melee weapons and abilities have a maximum range of effect.[9][10]

  • There are two melee weapon slots: One on each side of a character's belt.[11]

Dual wielding

L’ambidextrie sera autorisée pour les armes à une main.[12]

Changement d'armes

There will be a loadout system that you can use in your inventory to help manage those different types of set that you can customize. So you can do a simple hotkey press and be able to swap your armors, out of combat of course, with a single button click.[16]Steven Sharif
  • Changement d'armes is possible while in combat but armor cannot be swapped while in combat.[22][23][24][25][26][27]
    • Previously it was stated that swapping weapons (from inventory) into a hand or range slot is not possible in combat.[23] Prior to this, weapon swapping was said to be subject to a cooldown period (in the range of a few seconds) following any damage taken or done by the player.[28][29]
You may not swap armor when you're in combat, but you may swap your weapons; and there's obviously a few reasons of why this can be important: We're a itemization agnostic class design, so players equip with items that there are most necessary based on the adversary or the challenge that they're facing; and so we want that to be available for players to swap with weapons.[22]Steven Sharif


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