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Ashes of Creation hosts a wide array of progression paths that offer augments to a character's primary skills.[1][2]

Augmentation are applied individually to active skills from a character's primary archetype.[3][4]

  • A character can have one active augment on an ability at any given time.[3]
  • Augments do not cost skill points.[8]
    • It was previously stated that certain augments will have more expense required on the skill point side.[9]
  • Secondary class augments may be applied to any skill, but it is possible that some specific augments (such as racial or religious) may be locked to specific abilities.[3]
  • The progression system for augments is very similar to the class progression system.[10]

Augmentation can affect a multitude of things and can (in some cases) create entirely new skills.[11]

Augments can affect a multitude of things. It can drastically change the ability itself. It can change the damage type. It can change the cooldown period. It can change the damage values. It can change the distance. It can dramatically change it from a ranged effect to a melee effect. Augments are essentially can create- they are creating entirely new skills, but they're going to keep obviously some identity with what that primary active ability was.[11]Steven Sharif

Class augments

Preview des compétences primaires lors de l’Alpha-1.[12]

Qu’importe l’archétype secondaire que vous choisissez parmi les huit, vous recevrez un choix d’améliorations en adéquation avec l’idéal de base de cette classe. Vous savez comme le fait qu’un tank est le contrôleur du champ de bataille et doit survivre. Le mage d’infliger des dégâts, éléments et capacités dans ses AoEs. Le rogue d’être furtif et d’infliger des dégâts critiques. Ces améliorations vont donc pencher vers ces identités.[13]Steven Sharif

L'idée derrière le système est que vous contournez en quelque sorte la ligne à travers ces améliorations de votre rôle, n'est-ce pas. Nous avons la sainte trinité traditionnelle qui est présente dans les conceptions de classes des MMOs et souvent celles-ci n’en sont pas du tout déviées ou complètement déviées. L’amélioration consiste en quelque sorte à offrir un équilibre de ça où vous conservez toujours le semblant de ce système de trinité tout en offrant la possibilité de personnaliser votre expérience de jeu vers l'un des autres angles du triangle.[14]Steven Sharif

Les compétences primaires (capacités de classe) sont basées sur l’archétype du joueur.[15] Les joueurs peuvent personnaliser leurs compétences primaires avec l’amélioration d’un archétype secondaire.[5][15][16]

Le concept derrière les améliorations est non seulement de changer la saveur afin qu'elles reflètent l'archétype secondaire, mais aussi de changer fondamentalement les composants de base d'une compétence.[17]Steven Sharif

  • Chaque archétype secondaire offre quatre écoles différentes d’améliorations.[5][6] Chaque école d’amélioration affecte les compétences d'un archétype primaire de différentes manières.[18]
    Il y aura un certain seuil à partir duquel vous ne pourrez plus améliorer vos capacités actives à cause des décisions d’améliorations de capacités précédentes, vous devrez donc choisir lesquelles vous souhaitez appliquer les améliorations; et certaines améliorations requerront plus de dépenses du côté des points de compétences.[9]Steven Sharif
  • Choisir le même archétype primaire et secondaire accroît la focalisation sur cet archétype.[19]
  • Les améliorations de compétences primaires changeront fondamentalement la manière dont fonctionne la capacité: Adapter ce que faisait la capacité pour incorporer l’identité de l’archétype secondaire.[20]
  • Changer les améliorations de vos compétences vous obligera à vous rendre auprès d’un PNJ dans un nœud Village ou au-dessus.[21]
  • Certaines couleurs de sorts et d’FX généraux changent en fonction de l’amélioration.[22]
    • Les compétences actives pourraient sembler totalement différentes après l'application d'une amélioration.[23]

Les compétences primaires dans l’Alpha-2 devraient être très différentes de celles de l’Alpha-1.[24]

La liste de capacités dans l’Alpha Un est loin de ce que sera la liste de capacités, en particulier du point de vue du niveau/progression. Vous pouvez donc vous attendre à ce que ce soit incroyablement différent.[24]Steven Sharif

Bard augments


Cleric augments

Les Classes avec clerc en tant que second archétype pourrons choisir des améliorations pour leur compétences en lien avec la vie ou la mort.[25][26]

  • Choisir des améliorations de vie procurera des bénéfices d'auto-soin tout autant que des dons de vie limités aux autres joueurs.[27][25]
  • Certaines améliorations de clerc appliqués à certaines capacités procureront indirectement la capacité de soigner les autres. Ceux-ci ne remplaceront pas le besoin d'un archétype de clerc.[28]
  • Les améliorations de clerc changeront radicalement les types d'invocations disponible pour l'archétype primaire de l'invocateur.[29]
    • Les squelettes, les zombies, et les autres invocations mortes-vivantes seront disponibles avec des améliorations basées sur la mort.[29][30]

N'importe quelle classe qui choisira le clerc comme seconde classe obtiendra la capacité de choisir parmi ces améliorations pour influencer sur leurs capacités à affecter la vie des autres joueurs autour de vous.[25]Steven Sharif

Fighter augments

info-orange.pngCette section sera mise à jour dès que les informations seront disponibles par les développeurs

Mage augments

Mages will offer four Elemental schools of augmentation, such as Teleportation, Fire, Frost and Lightning (electrical).[5][31][32]

Say for instance, I am a Ranger that has a Charge bolt ability as my primary active skill and I've chosen Mage as my secondary and applied the elemental to it. I now have a Frost charge bolt, and if I fire that frostbolt and hit a target, they may be freezing for a period of time as a debuff and that might slow their speed. If a wizard applies a nuke on a target and that nuke is a frost-based nuke, those two stacking elements might then either further snare (slow the target) or paralyze and freeze the target. So, there are combination out effects that build up: A primary, secondary and some ancillary effect occurs when those are combined.[32]Steven Sharif

There's going to be four schools of augmentation for each archetype. One of the schools for the mage is the teleport school. You can take that teleport augment, apply it to your charge skill: now instead of charging x distance over time you're going to immediately teleport to the target dealing x damage and a condition modifier. If you were to apply the elemental school to your class ability you would then instead you would charge x distance; upon reaching target you would set the target ablaze if it's fire or you would electrocute them and deal with damage over time.[5]Steven Sharif

Ranger augments

info-orange.pngCette section sera mise à jour dès que les informations seront disponibles par les développeurs

Summoner augments

  • Classes with a Summoner secondary may grant augmented skills that summon weapons. These summoned weapons are not able to be equipped.[33]
    • The word "equip" only applies to items. There are currently no plans to include summoning items into a player's inventory or character slots. It may however be possible to change the appearance and damage type/data of a weapon through the use of a spell.[34]
    • There are summoned weapons that appear as a spell VFX to damage opponents for a period of time.[35] These will not be able to be wielded, since weilding implies an item in a character equipment slot.[36]

Rogue augments

Stealth augments from the Rogue secondary archetype will incorporate stealth modifiers into a class' primary skills.[37][38]

  • True stealth resides within the realm of the Rogue (primary) archetype.[37]
There will be counter-stealth mechanics for sure. That's just a natural balancing act of stealth. But additionally with regards to you know secondary classes, one of those aspects is augments represent the secondary class and some of the- one of the most fundamental aspects of a rogue is stealth whether it be actual invisibility or the ability to sneak around in the shadows or something. So you can almost certainly count on the fact that should you go a secondary class of rogue that there will be the ability to influence your action items from your primary class with the stealth modifier.[38]Steven Sharif

Tank augments

info-orange.pngCette section sera mise à jour dès que les informations seront disponibles par les développeurs

Racial augments

Racial augments are based on a character's race and are available to each class.[7]

In keeping with our theme of Consequence, and unlike other games, race won’t just be a matter of look, with relatively inconsequential abilities tacked on. Instead they integrate deeply into our class system, augmenting and changing the basic chassis provided by our eight core archetypes. Our goal here is to create a system where an elven fighter feels different, but serves the same role as a dwarven fighter.[41]

Religious augments

Strong religions provide unique augments that can be applied to a player's primary skills.[42][43]

  • Religious augments are considered top-tier achievements within a religion.[42]
  • These augments can be stacked on top of class augments. They will have a give-and-take system based on the choices a player makes.[42]

You're going to have advancement within the religion and within the church that you're a part of. And those advancements are going to be both reflective of the community's development of that religion out in the world: Building temples, building infrastructure for that, completing certain quests for it; and then you will benefit from the community's development of that specific religion via having certain augment abilities that you'll gain access to be able to apply on top of your secondary class augments to skills; and it's going to reflect what the nature of that religion is.[44]Steven Sharif

Social organization augments

A player progresses through a social organization by accomplishing tasks or quests.[45] There are hierarchical paths pertaining to specific questlines for the organization's thematic.[45] These quests will either be cooperative with or adversarial against other nodes based on their mutual war status.[46]

- For example, a Guilde des voleurs may have objectives and quests toward securing a particular item to enable players to advance within the organization.[45]

Social organizations are going to have questlines that players participate in which some will include sabotage, espionage, intrigue... While it's not necessarily player versus player in the combat sense, it is player versus player in pitting communities in those organizations kind of against each other in a competitive atmosphere, where only some things can be accomplished by certain communities; and not everybody can succeed at a particular task. So, I think that that's a unique way to involve meaningful conflict that doesn't necessarily have to relate to PvP, because obviously we have a lot of PvP systems in the game and and there are many ways for players to participate in player versus player combat; but we also want to make sure that from a progression standpoint, from a system standpoint there are going to be abilities of individuals to follow these questlines, these tasks that will pit organizations against each other, specifically from an organizational standpoint.[47]Steven Sharif

You're gonna see augments being used a lot throughout a lot of our systems. When we're talking about the guild system, when we're talking about social organizations, when we're talking about religions. A lot of those things are going to affect how and what you have available to augment your skills with.[44]Jeffrey Bard

Skill transfer

Players will not be able to transfer their skills to other players.[48]

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