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Trading goods in Ashes of Creation may refer to.


Pre-alpha gatherable mushrooms found in an underground cave.[1]

We want our players to have a reason to explore the wilderness, to travel with purpose, and much of that will be driven by our resource system. Transporting these goods might just be more difficult than gathering them. Our regional market system allows players to participate in creating pocket economies that will reinforce the stability of goods in particular regions.[2]

Gatherable resources (also known as raw materials, gatherables, and harvestables) occur in locations where you would expect them to be organically.[3][4]

  • Lower level resources will be abundant. Higher level resources that are gatherable by Apprentice level or higher artisans will spawn randomly but in places that make sense for that type of resource. Surveying is a mechanic that solo or group players can utilize to track these resources down.[3]
We want to be able to spawn stuff randomly and we want to put it in places in the world that will make people travel and bolster up our local player-to-player economies: have people actually be out in the world looking for stuff and not standing in the same place waiting for a tree or a flower to respawn over and over again. So, we're having the best of the both Worlds where we have our lower tier stuff that will fill out the base look of our world, so that it's always looking good; and then the higher tier stuff, from apprentice onward, will always spawn randomly in places that we've deemed look good and make sense for what that thing is. So, surveying is a way that you can track that stuff down. It will help you find places, will help you find particular resources, will help you find resources at a certain rarity; and so it should be something you could do as a gatherer on your own, or group up with other people to bolster up the power of your survey, or the range or reach of it.[3]Kory Rice
  • Certain resources will only be gatherable for a limited time during specific story arcs.[5]
You want to take advantage of the limited time you have during the story arcs to get some of these rare resources for crafting things.[5]Jeremy Gess
  • The location the resource was found can affect the benefits, bonuses, and other characteristics of that resource.[11]
    • Some resources will be one-time gatherables, others will exist as clusters that will last until the vein is depleted.[12][13][4]
  • Resources do not expire or degrade over time.[20]
We don't want to create an environment I feel where you're having to micromanage each of the resources that are very vast in our game. We have 100 plus material system where you're having to play whack-a-mole with managing those things... I don't see the value in it.[20]Steven Sharif


Iron Weapon Mold Slot.png

Crafting materials (also known as Processed goods) are obtained in the following ways:

The rarity of crafting materials influences the quality of the crafted items.[25][26][27][28]

Q: Are crafting materials going cross tiers? For example, using higher level materials in lower level recipes, or low level materials in a higher level recipe? Is that allowed?
A: Yes.[25]Steven Sharif

It's unlikely that crafting materials to craft all pieces of equipment will be able to be sourced solely by farming open-world dungeons.[29]

It's unlikely that organized parties will be able to get all of the materials they need to craft every piece of equipment from farming open world dungeons alone.[29]Cody Peterson

Players drop materials and other items upon death, based on their applicable death penalties.[14][15][16][17]


Glint in a player's inventory in Alpha-2.[30]

You're hovering over an item we call Glint. [It] comes in a few different rarities. It was formerly known as the monster certificates but we have rebranded them.[30]Chris Justo

Glint rarities in Alpha-2.[30]

Glint (previously known as Hunting certificates and Monster certificates) is a bound currency that drops from mobs and players, and is offered as a reward for completing certain quests, events, and achievements. Glint is intended to be the primary method for generating gold in the Ashes of Creation economy.[31][32][33][34][17][35]

Glint serves a very integral role in the economy within Ashes of Creation. It is a material substance that is acquired through various means, but primarily hunting different antagonists within the world; and it is the physical form of Essence within the beasts of Verra. So when you acquire this it is bound to your character, and that is a very important component of the economic systems here because glint will be used to pay for certain services, such as taxation for buildings that you have, or citizenship dues that are necessary.[36]Steven Sharif
  • Glint may be traded with commodities vendors for player commodities. These commodities can then be transported to other nodes (via caravan or merchant ship) where they can be traded for gold.[33][38][17][39][35] The gold value is based on the demand for the commodity at the destination node (over the last seven days) as well as its distance from the originating node.[42][33]

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