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Engins de siège

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It wouldn’t be a castle siege without siege weapons. These are massive machines of war that enable attackers to bring down the walls, and defenders to keep their keep safe. Crafters can bring their own powerful schematics to the battlefield, or you can order baseline siege weapons from your friendly neighborhood siege master NPC. The Castle’s defenders will be able to deploy their own defensive weapons and turrets based on how well they maintained and defended their own Nodes. The sky will be illuminated with fire and fury.[1]

Arme de siège : Trébuchet.[2]

Les armes de sièges pourront être fabriquées ou achetées à des PNJs.[3]

L'équipement de siège nécessitera des matériaux, des recettes et de l'artisanat.[4]

Une partie de cette entreprise de siéger un lieu tenu par des joueurs (ou des non-joueurs) réside dans le temps de préparation ; et ça inclut le rassemblement et la fabrication de ces méga-armes ou la collecte de ressources : que ce soit de l'or ou des objets de quête spécifiques à acheter à des PNJs.[3]Steven Sharif

Tout ce que vous souhaitez créer dans le monde sera construit par les joueurs : que ce soit les navires, engins de siège, armes, armures, etc.[5]Jeffrey Bard

List of siege weapons

Summoning siege equipment

Engins de siège and vehicles can be summoned by registered participants of the castle or node siege who have the particular item in their inventory.[6]

info-orange.pngCertaines des informations suivantes n'ont pas été récemment confirmées par les développeurs et peuvent ne pas figurer sur la feuille de route de développement actuelle.

A summoning sheet is used to summon siege equipment to the player's position.[4]

  • Siege vehicles that can be player driven.[4]
  • Hand held weapons.[4]
  • Multiple people may need to equip some items of siege equipment for it to function.[4]

Guns and gunpowder

Les armes utilisant la poudre à canon (poudre noire) ne seront pas présentes dans Ashes of Creation.[7]

L'armement tel que les Lanceurs de Potions, les Engins de siège et les armes utilisées dans le Combat naval, sera basé sur l'art des arcanes.[8]

As we said in the past, were not really about that black powder life. Instead it's really going to be focused on the arcane arts: The elements; the use of radiance and darkness; and then those being employed in larger weaponry, such as the type of siege weaponry between ship battles as well as those and sieges. A potion launcher is an example of the arcane energies that can be mastered in order to facilitate these highly destructive alchemical blends that can be created.[8]Steven Sharif

Siege participation

Non-registered combatants are not permitted on the siege field in castle or node sieges.[9]

  • Players may choose to respawn at their HQ as long as they are registered.[12][15]
    • Non-registered guilds are not granted the ability to take ownership of the castle if victorious.[12]

Lower level characters will have usefulness in mass combat that does not depend on their level, such as manning siege weapons, helping repair fortifications, bringing proximity-based buffs to key positions, using stealth or scaling walls. These types of things are relevant to the tide of battle and do not require the player to be max-level or have high combat stats.[17]

Siege mechanics

A siege occurs over several phases.[18]

  • Certain siege mechanics may be gated for specific size groups during sieges.[19]
  • There will not be a deserter debuff for leaving a siege before it is complete.[20]
  • More will be revealed in an upcoming blog entry.[18]

Siege summons

Summoners can collaborate together during sieges to summon larger creatures, such as Golems.[21][22][23]

We do have the concept of siege summons being a thing with multiple summoners being required in order to create that siege summon. In those situations your character becomes the summon. So you don't have an AI that takes over your previous character but instead the recipient of those additional spell effects becomes the actual summon itself.[21]Steven Sharif
  • The target of the group summon becomes the summon itself.[21][23]
    • Previously it was stated that the party-leader becomes the summon.[22]
info-orange.pngCertaines des informations suivantes n'ont pas été récemment confirmées par les développeurs et peuvent ne pas figurer sur la feuille de route de développement actuelle.
  • A siege summon will have an incremental size based on the number of summoners participating in that summon activity, with a maximum of eight.[24]
  • The number of summoners participating in the summon will determine its overall size.[24]
  • All summoners must be in the same party and the party leader must be a summoner.[22]
    • The party leader initiates the summon and then takes control of it.[22]
    • Once summoned, the party leader cannot be changed.[22]
    • If the party disbands, the summon ends. There will be a grace period to handle disconnects.[22]
    • The party may also contain non-Summoners.[22]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment.[25]

As a thank you, we wanted to share a little sneak peek of one of the siege weapons awaiting the players in our upcoming Castle Sieges Mode![25]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment includes ballistas, trebuchets, battering rams and potentially traps and "powder keg" type weapons.[27]

  • Siege weapons available to the attacking side include Trebuchets and Battering Rams.[28]
  • Siege weapons available to the defending side include Ballistas and Traps.[28]
  • Siege weapons are deployable and piloted by players.[29]

With regards to alpha one phase one however in the castle siege system... what will happen is static siege equipment that's placed in the map for the attackers to utilize that will present at focal points of PvP in the match where defenders will know where to target a specific area on the field in order to attack. [4]Steven Sharif


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