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Apprentice Crushing Station is a processing station present in Smithies.[1]

Usable fuels

Queue slots

Apprentice Crushing Stations have 3 queue slots by default.[1]

  • Node processing stations allow users to queue a number of processing jobs each. Each user's jobs are processed sequentially, but concurrently with any other user's jobs at that station.[3]
    • Processing station animations in nodes relate to the processing activity of each player individually, as each queue is personalized per player.[4]
If five people wanted to use one station at the freehold, you have to wait in line; and then that comes into the family system we talked about on the freehold livestream, where you have limited access to whoever is viable for the stations. But, for any service buildings in the node, it's all personal. So, you can queue up as much as you want and then someone else can just come by and use the same station and then queue up for their station.[3]Mike Han
  • Different processing job sizes affect how much processing can be done within each queue slot.[6][2]
Job size is another thing that we could do. So, you probably don't want to use three entire slots just to make three pieces of oak wood, but if you had a job size that was 20, you'd be able to make all 20 of those with the one job size. [6]Kory Rice


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