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L’aggro (Menace/Haine) aura de l’importance dans le jeu.[1]

  • L’aggro est basé sur un taux de haine.[1]
Compétence Icône Rang 1 Rang 2 Rang 3
Ancestral Bolas Ancestral Bolas.png Throws a magical web of bolas at the target location. All enemies within are snared and build additional hate towards the tank every second. Enemies entering or exiting the radius will be tripped.[2]
Grapple Grapple Icon.png Takes aim for a moment before hurling a hooked chain in a line, damaging the first target it contacts and immediately pulling them to the caster. The target suffers a tapering snare for 3 seconds.[3][4]
Hatred V Tank Ability Active.png Single target that adds hate.[5] Add a forced target lock.[5] Add hate over time per tick.[5]
Inciting Strikes IncitingStrikesIcon.png Slashes twice in a forward cone while adding additional threat.[6]
Shield Assault ShieldAssaultIcon.png Bashes the target with your shield, dealing damage and applying the shaken condition. If the target is already suffering from the shaken condition, stun the target instead.[7]
Slam Slam.png Slam your target with immense force, knocking them back. Applies 10 stagger. Deals 500% additional threat.[8]

NPC perception

NPC perception is intended to have different sensory types, ranges, and angles.[10][11][12]

  • PNJs will have varying fields of view. Some will have the ability to perceive sounds.[10][11][12]
We are talking about things like unique abilities played by characters that extend the perception radius, or sounds and different types of walking that are angular from the mob's perception perspective to be unique, different types of creatures that might be of three-dimensional in space, whether it is in water or birds in the sky that have a downward cone angle type perception as well. Those are things we want to do, but we haven't yet spent the time on the AI behaviors there.[11]Steven Sharif
Q: How far away from hostile targets will be before they act aggressively towards us? More specifically, will creatures watch us murder their friends in the open world with no reaction, will they try to kill us in retaliation, or will they run away in sheer terror?
A: Obviously as MMO Gamers we're accustomed to the concept of social aggro. When I hit a target out in the field, they're going to aggro other creatures nearby. We have similar functionality. Obviously however we also have this concept of a more puzzle-oriented level design, where you have different patrollers that might be moving around the world. So that dynamic is always changing the creatures that are near each other might be something that you need to be cognizant of as you begin to navigate those areas. And there might even be certain faction types, where you may have dedicated aggro social tags between certain creature types; and that might be like goblins with their goblin dogs. They could be far away but they send off an alert to those nearby enemies when you aggro another target. And then you also have these perception radiuses; and there's a number of different perception radius types that we incorporate as part of our AI. Those things might be a forward-looking perception cone that represents sight-based perception; and then you might also have a rear perception radius that might represent kind of sound; and those perception types might even interact with unique stats. So, as a Rogue you might have a stealth ability, or as a Ranger you might have camouflage ability: Those are going to dampen those stats which are checked by those perception radiuses; and then you might even have different creature types that fly above the battlefield, or beneath the battlefield, and they may have downward cone type angles. The whole idea is that that navigating the world should be like a puzzle as you move throughout.[10]Steven Sharif
  • NPCs in certain encounters may be aware of their local environment and can seek cover behind obstacles, for example; but this will not be prevalent in general AI designs.[13]

Threat meters/addons

En général, les addons ne seront pas autorisés.[14]

  • Les développeurs ne veulent pas que les addons/mods soient nécessaire pour vivre une bonne expérience de jeu.[15]
  • Les développeurs pensent que les DPS Meters peuvent avoir des effets négatifs.[14]
  • Le design de l'API du jeu est toujours en développement.[17]
    • Il y aura des outils disponible pour le streaming notamment pour Twitch et quelques autres services, mais ces outils ne seront pas accessibles depuis un API.[18]

nous voulons rendre l'UI et la représentation des données customisables, mais nous ne voulons pas rendre le jeu moddable pour l'instant. Nous changerons peut-être d'avis, mais ce n'est pas prévu à la sortie.[18]Steven Sharif

Nous voulons que le studio puisse offrir le plus possible par lui-même... Nous ne voulons pas d'addons.[15]Steven Sharif

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