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Shadow dragon Rendu 3D. 3D model by Jessica Jennings.[1]

This is just the model. It's gonna come with a lot of like shadowy effects that are going to inhabit the body. Additionally I could see some type of opacity applied to the to the mesh on the back end so that it's somewhat transparent- you can see through it a little bit- and then it will have that shadow effect.[1]Steven Sharif

Shadow dragon is a cosmetic pet that was obtained as a Summer crowdfunding reward for backing at the Founder level or above.[2]


Cosmetic pets

Cosmetic pets were available for purchase from the cosmetic store.[3]

  • Cosmetic pets can be summoned from level 1.[4]

Cosmetic pets, since non-functional from a gameplay perspective, can be summoned at lvl 1.[4]Steven Sharif

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