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Érudits are PNJs that are present at Academic nodes.[1]

We may have some story arcs down the line where you're killing some well-known NPCs, but we got to build it up: we got to make you either love them or hate them before you get to that point.[5]Margaret Krohn
During sieges or during monster events those venders, the non-combat NPCs, are usually provided for through a particular building type, unless they're general NPCs. If they're general NPCs currently, I think what we're doing is we're despawning them if they're not combat-oriented and if they are a service building like a constructible, if that building becomes damaged, then the NPC is disabled post the event, or post the siege until the building is repaired; but they're not present to be killed as part of the siege event. If they're a combat NPC, such as a mercenary or like a captain of the guard whatever: they're present, they can be killed and they have ramifications for doing so.[6]Steven Sharif
  • Some NPC movements and behaviors are dictated by time of day or other rotational cycle, others will be static.[10]
Where we place the NPC rotations that are relevant- those would be rotations that exist perhaps within an hour, not so much within a day so-to-speak. So there might be five minutes of some changing of an organization's acolytes in a temple or something; and that might be because obviously there's a quest related to that rotation.[10]Steven Sharif
  • NPCs will behave differently based on a player's reputation.[11][12][13][14] Otherwise, branching dialog trees are not currently planned for NPC interactions.[11]
Q: Can you influence NPCs or mobs when interacting with them by using your knowledge of their unique personalities/routines/lore or general knowledge of the world state?
A: We haven't planned for any type of branching dialogue personalities that give insight to those types of things and I don't believe that's planned for our narrative design, no. There is however some potential faction-based reputations that can be had and those reputations might send the NPCs down different behavior trees; and that is something that is incorporated. But if I understand the question correctly it's more along the lines of catering specific dialogue responses that will send down different dialogue branches and that's not planned.[11]Steven Sharif

Academic nodes

Alpha-2 Kaelar Academic node architecture.[15]

A great Verran philosopher once stated, "To know the Gods, we must first know ourselves. Science is our looking glass." On Verra, the Essence flows through the fabric of the world. Each location focuses the Essence in different ways, allowing for interactions with the Essence that yield a variety of results. Nodes exist near these locations in the world that focus the Essence, and one such focus is that of the Scientific Node Type. Those who seek knowledge, technological advancement, and want to understand why the world is the way it is will find the Scientific Node is for them. In these Nodes, you’ll find sprawling questlines and rewards for crafters, gatherers, and those who seek the highest reaches of Artisan knowledge.[16]

Academic nodes (also referred to as Nœuds scientifiques)[17] are focused on artisan classes and construction.[1]

Upon first glance at a Scientific Node, players will find Scholars on an Expedition out in the wilderness, requesting aid in finding alchemical or natural reagents. If you should choose to help them, you may progress a Scientific Node beyond a lowly Expedition into something magnificent.[16]
Specialization in Artisanship and Construction mechanics are granted through many of the NPC merchants and through the ancillary quest points within the Scientific Node Type. This will unlock abilities within many professions and allow specialization in the Gathering, Processing, and Crafting aspects of the Artisan system.[16]

Academic node governments

Le Gouvernement de Nœud des Academic nodes est élu démocratiquement.[18][19]

Academic node benefits

Les Nœuds scientifiques qui ont atteint le statut de métropole débloquent le super-pouvoir Téléportation.[16]

  • Les citoyens d'une métropole dans un nœud scientifique peuvent se téléporter entre la métropole et chacun de ses nœuds vassaux, peu importe le niveau d'avancement du nœud vassal, du moment que le nœud vassal n'est pas en guerre.
  • Les citoyens d'un nœud vassal peuvent se téléporter à leur nœud métropole et vice-versa.
  • S'il existe plusieurs métropoles scientifiques, un appareil volant permettra le voyage rapide entre ces métropoles scientifiques pour les citoyens de ces nœuds et de leurs nœuds vassaux, du moment que les métropoles ne sont pas en guerre.

Ce qui permettra aux citoyens et vassaux d'une Métropole Scientifique de faire beaucoup de choses plus vite que les autres, car le voyage rapide est limité dans le monde de Ashes of Creation. Ils seront en mesure d'échanger des produits et des informations avec facilité et de se rendre à des emplacements dans le monde beaucoup plus rapidement pour récolter des matériaux pour créer des recettes, également de participer à des événements limités dans le temps.[16]

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