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The Intrepid pre-order pack was available from the Magasin cosmétique.[1]

Pre-order pack upgrades are possible for current pack holders for the difference in price.[3][4][5] Upgrades to Kickstarter and Summer crowdfunding packs are also available in the store for the difference in package price.[6]

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Packs de précommande

Packs de précommande were available from the Magasin cosmétique up until they ended on January 17, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific.[11][12]

We offer cosmetics for players who wish to support the project early. The exclusive nature of the limited availability is something I think collectors value. If you buy cosmetics as an MMO player, I know I enjoyed if the cosmetic is rare and not every girl at the party is wearing the same dress. In addition, these cosmetics are used to populate the world through NPC variants and color/texture changes so their offering aligns with our production schedule. The good thing about these packs is they contain no P2W advantages and there is no box cost, so from a mechanics standpoint you do not need to buy them to excel in the game on launch. And also, there are comparable and subjectively more grand cosmetics achievable in game as well.[13]Steven Sharif

Pre-order pack information

Pre-order pack cosmetic skins cycled monthly and are never available again for purchase.[11] Apart from the cosmetic skins, the packages also included subscription time, embers (virtual currency for future cosmetics when the game is live), access to alphas and betas, and other perks such as name reservation.[15]

  • Pre-order pack holders could purchase individual cosmetics (at the same or lower level as their pack purchase) as add-ons in the month that they are on sale.[2][15][16]
These packs are completely optional and provide no vital components for succeeding in Ashes.[15]Steven Sharif

Pre-order pack addons

Pre-order pack addon pricing.
Cosmetic item Price.[18]
Accessory USD $5.00
Pet USD $15.00
Mount USD $20.00
Character costume USD $25.00
Transport skin USD $25.00
Freehold skin USD $25.00

Pre-order pack owners had the ability to purchase individual pre-order pack cosmetics (at the same or lower level as their pack purchase) as add-ons in the month that they are on sale.[2] [15][16]

Pre-order pack upgrades

Pre-order pack pricing.
Pre-order pack tier Price.[2]
Wayfarer pre-order pack USD $75.00
Expeditionary pre-order pack USD $150.00
Voyager pre-order pack USD $250.00
Voyager plus pre-order pack USD $375.00

The pre-order pack upgrade price is the difference between the new and old pack prices.[3][2]

  • Cosmétiques owned prior to upgrading are retained.[22]
  • Cosmetics in the new package tiers in the month of the upgrade are gained.[22]
  • Upgrades won't unlock cosmetic items in tiers that were already granted by a previous package.[2]

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