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Castles have direct power over the Nodes that belong to it, but also have soft power across the entire region it belongs to. All Nodes belonging to that region pay fealty to the Castle in the form of taxes paid directly to the Castle. The Monarch sets the rate, and can use those proceeds to upgrade defenses, maintain the Castle’s direct Nodes, or provide buffs and benefits to the citizens of that region, as the magnanimous ruler that you are.[1]

Châteaux de guilde impose a tax on all revenue for the nodes within its region.[2][3]

Castles have the ability to allocate taxes collected from nodes under them toward certain benefits that go back to the node. Or they can be more selfishly governed that treasury more towards the guild that owns it and that obviously is going to have some political implications, because it could- if you're not using it for the benefit of the people in the region they might rise up and help take you out from that that position of owning that castle.[2]Steven Sharif

Castle regions


Les châteaux de guilde influencent une région de château autour d'eux.[10]

La région d'un château représente 1/5ème du monde du jeu.[11] Les régions d'un château, les régions économiques et les zones d'influence (ZOI) des nœuds peuvent se chevaucher.[12][13]

Les limites de la région du château ne changent pas.[12] Les châteaux de guilde peuvent imposer une taxe sur tous les revenus des nœuds situés dans leur région.[2][3]

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